13th February 2018

BCFA Creative Space

Two of our carpet designers shared their inspiration for the HABITÜS loop collection with Design Insider.

Clare Jenkinson and Calvin Pope

Ulster Carpets has combined the demand for loop products with the trend for the quiet, understated aesthetic found in Danish design to create their latest loop collection – HʌBITÜS.

So Calvin and Clare, what place inspired you most for this collection?

“The inspiration for HʌBITÜS comes from the universal human response to the natural environments in which we find ourselves – to create textiles.


“In the northern hemisphere, we love to create warm, tactile interiors to nurture us from the harsh weather and terrain. But we also love to layer up in chunky knitted jumpers, bobble hats and scarves and venture out to explore the landscape.

“The designs we created for HʌBITÜS reflect not only textures in the natural landscape but also the cable knits and structures of Scandinavian textiles. Because they are made from wool the carpets are themselves natural and sustainable, and the colours – greys, soft blues and cool neutrals, are inspired by the natural environment and materials found within it – stone, wood, sky, water.”

Ulster’s designers for the HʌBITÜS range are based in Kidderminster where the carpet industry has its roots, and for the HʌBITÜS project they worked with the Danish part of the Ulster group, Danfloor. They were inspired by their travels through the dramatic, open landscapes of Denmark, and the wild moorland of Dartmoor closer to home.

HʌBITÜS blends contemporary patterns and comforting textures with neutral colourways and contains four designs, Urban, Rustik, Croft and Strönd.