24th November 2021

Bespoke Rug Designs at RG Naxos, Italy

Replicating the unique beauty of Sicily, Ulster’s bespoke rugs for the revamped RG Naxos perfectly complement the nature-inspired design vision created by THDP.

For RG Naxos, THDP, a London-based interior designer and architectural practice with a team of 50% British and 50% Italian designers, created a design concept inspired by the natural beauty of Sicily’s volcanic beaches, the sea, and Mount Etna’s super-natural presence.

THDP were also influenced by Dolce & Gabbana, the fashion house that put Sicily on the fashionista map and spread the island’s crafts worldwide by incorporating iconic Sicilian images into its bold prints, like the colourfully decorated horse cart, ripe lemons and oranges.

Bespoke rug by Ulster in RG Naxos hotel

Set in Giardini Naxos, RG Naxos exudes the Greek heritage, Mediterranean mood and the natural beauty that attracts tourists from across the world to Sicily.

This stunning natural beauty has been translated into Ulster’s distinctive rug designs that are found in the revamped lobby area and the new Sala Panarea restaurant.

Inspired by the Sicilian attitude of welcoming, the new layout in the lobby melts the indoor and outdoor colour palette together in an elegant style.

For this area, the rug design is inspired by the ocean meeting the shore. This abstract look creates a feeling of transparency and fluidity that sets a relaxing tone for guests as they enter the hotel.

waves crashing on shore


Authentic Sicilian culture is also woven into the designs for Sala Panarea, with the colours of this abstract floral pattern coordinating with the design values created by THDP.

Originating from the lemon blossom found in the surrounding landscape, the floral shapes in the restaurant’s bespoke rug design again provide that deep sense of authenticity that is at the heart of the venue’s refreshing new look.

Ulster’s ability to artistically translate a design brief in this way is based on our extensive experience of working on the world’s leading hotels, casinos and cruise ships. It is also the result of the partnership approach we take to every project and is the reason why we enjoy such high levels of repeat business.

Ulster’s patented weaving technology, PSYLO™, gives some of the world’s leading designers the artistic freedom to create bespoke carpet and rug designs that perfectly complement their surroundings.

This is enhanced by the fact that Ulster have complete control. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process places us at a distinct advantage over other carpet manufacturers who outsource various elements of their work.

The result is greater levels of control and faster turnaround times for your project.

To learn more about the history of Ulster and our PSYLO™ technology, read our story. You can also explore more of our bespoke rug and carpet designs on our Projects page.