22nd February 2022

Capturing the Essence of Hospitality Design

The large blank canvas offered by flooring can be filled with bespoke designs from Ulster Carpets that capture the essence of your hospitality venue.

By its very nature, hospitality is centred on the wellbeing of guests and, within these settings, matching colours and patterns plays an essential role in conveying the ambiance of a venue.

Ulster Carpets Seven Seas Explorer Atrium

From the welcome guests experience when they arrive through to the different tones you want to set in different areas of your venue, each area will have a slightly different feel.

Yet truly effective design will create a level of continuity throughout, and bespoke carpet design can provide that link.

“Flooring is perfect for seamlessly providing a smooth transition from one area of a hotel to the next,” explained Anthony Hickman, Head of Design at Ulster Carpets. “Whether it is through the use of a repeating design element or a common colour bank, flooring can perfectly create continuity and can be used as the foundation of the entire interior design theme.”

Having created carpet for some of the world’s most famous cruise ships, casinos and hotels, Ulster’s designers are well-versed in combining various colour and pattern variations that capture the essence of a venue.

For example, sea blues and greens are generally avoided on cruise ship carpets while casinos are known for their vibrant designs. For hotels, the focus is on connecting guests with the ambience of the venue, which can mean anything from bold colours to subtle aesthetics.

Ulster Carpets Sycan Casino

From Regent Seven Seas Explorer and Sycuan Casino, San Diego, to world-famous hotels such as Claridge’s and the InterContinental Paris Le Grand, Ulster have created bespoke carpets that reflect the mood that each venue wants to create.

The key to meeting these demands is not only Ulster’s wide-ranging experience but also the partnership approach that the company is renowned for. When combined with the artistic talents of their world-class designers and the freedom offered by Ulster’s patented weaving technology, the limits to what the company can create are endless.

The importance of wellbeing is also reflected within interior design and, most notably, with the popularity of trends such as Biophilic.

Following in the footsteps of Scandi and Hygge concepts, there has been a growing number of hotels, in particular, utilising the Biophilic theme that aims to bring the outside in.

Ulster have a growing number of designs that meet this trend in Design Portal – their online design archive that contains over 10,000 designs that can all be recoloured to suit the project you are working on.

Ulster Carpets Claridges Ballroom

The popular Biophilic design trend is also at the heart of Natura, the latest addition to Ulster’s Contract Stock collection.

Designed specifically for the hospitality sector, Natura is grounded on a theme that accentuates how we are connected to the intricacy of nature. Offering the perfect balance between impactful aesthetics and subtle beauty, each of the seven designs in 24 different colourways has been inspired by the beauty of nature around us.

Visit our contract website now to see examples of the projects Ulster have worked on, learn more about Natura or access Design Portal.