14th October 2021

From Farm to Floor | Wool Week 2021

Our carpets adorn the world’s most luxurious hotels, casinos and cruise ships and the first step to achieving this level of quality is selecting the right wool.

There are about 1,000 breeds of sheep worldwide producing different wool for different purposes. When it comes to carpets, we have found the most suitable wool comes from sheep in the UK and Ireland as well as New Zealand.

For over 80 years, we have remained committed to supporting farmers by sourcing high-quality wools from reputable suppliers. All our wool is purchased in line with the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and the IWTO Guidelines for Wool Sheep Welfare.

This ensures we have the high quality of wool that is required to manufacture our luxury carpets for the hospitality industry.

woman holding baby lamb
Alison Kells, Ulster Contract Sales Executive, on her family farm.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes also allows us to deliver the highest levels of quality.

Unlike other carpet manufacturers who outsource various elements, we have complete control over every step of the manufacturing process. From spinning and dyeing the yarn through to the bespoke design, weaving and delivery of your luxury carpets, every stage is carried out by the Ulster Group.

By manufacturing in this way, Ulster not only meets the quality standards expected by our customers but it means we can also meet strict deadlines for projects across the world. Having this level of assurance is just one of the reasons why we enjoy such high levels of repeat business.

From farm to floor, Ulster is committed to meeting the highest standards. For examples of our work, visit our online Project Gallery.

Be sure to get involved in Wool Week 2021, which runs until October 31st. Just use the hashtags #WoolWeek, #FeelBetter, and #ChooseWool on social media!

For more information go to The Campaign For Wool.