14th March 2022

Hand Painted Designs

Behind every design lies a story of inspiration.

Our designers – who are talented artists in their own right – use a range of different methods to begin the creative process, including traditional processes such as drawing, sketching and painting. Now they can also draw inspiration from a unique hand painted collection.

The beautiful Gouache paintings were kindly donated to us by a UK company keen to ensure they were preserved, reused and reimagined for future use. The collection features nearly 450 striking hand painted designs that have been used for flooring, wallpaper and borders and which are also perfect for carpet.

The styles range from Aubusson and Art Deco to Classical, Contemporary and Florals and they have now been collated into a range of exclusive collections that are available for exclusive use by our designers around the world within our Design Portal archive.

In what has been a labour of love for our Company Archivist, Sue Farnell, the original hand paintings have been painstakingly scanned, retouched and uploaded to our digital archive, Design Portal. In some cases, the size of the paintings has meant that they have had to be scanned in separate sections and then meticulously merged back together.

By transferring these unique designs into a digital format, they will be preserved for future posterity. Not only that, but it also means that they can be brought back to life as our designers use them for future inspiration.

From hotels, casinos and cruise ships, we work on a range of projects, all vying for unique interior designs that set their venue apart. That presents the challenge of constantly coming up with new ideas, so having access to over 10,000 designs on Design Portal is a great way to get creative.

Our patented weaving technology, PSYLO™, also gives them additional flexibility. With the freedom to choose from a superior number of colours over and above the industry standard, and with no need for a repeating pattern, there are endless design possibilities.

Take a closer look at some of the breathtaking carpets our designers have created by visiting our online project gallery.

You can also find out how to access our online archive, Design Portal. You have to be registered to enjoy the benefits – visit https://designportal.ulstercarpets.com to find out more.