17th November 2021

Contemplative Subtlety at Hôtel & Spa Vatel Nîmes

The tranquillity that guests seek at the Hôtel and Spa Vatel Nîmes is reflected in the luxury corridor carpets from Ulster.

We worked with Marie-Laure Rinaldi from Archi + Renovation to find the right solution for this project.

Based on our popular Watercolours range, the corridor carpets add a new dimension to the concept of helping guests flow seamlessly through a hotel. A perfect match to the contemporary style of this beautiful hotel, the carpet design adds to that feeling of relaxation.

Inspired by natural landscapes and the abstract masterpieces of JMW Turner, Watercolours mimics washes of watercolour pigment softly blending into paper.

Featuring elemental tones that are reminiscent of the earth, sea and sky, Watercolours is perfect for areas where the carpet pattern does not need to be the dominant feature. This contemplative subtlety is perfect for projects such as the Hôtel and Spa Vatel Nîmes, where it was recoloured to suit the décor and style of the venue.

The neutral tones to which the carpet was recoloured perfectly complement the hotel’s interior, allowing the light features to stand out and take centre stage.

Hotel Vatel Corridor carpet Hotel Vatel corridor

This is a perfect example of how our Contract Stock collection offers an alternative to our bespoke design service.

Our experience of working on hospitality projects across the world means we understand the challenges that these projects face. Coupled with our focus on strong customer relationships, this knowledge has allowed us to create a Contract Stock collection to meet the specific needs of projects such as hotels, restaurants, bars and B&Bs through to casinos and cruise ships.

We recently launched a dedicated Contract Stock section on our website which features clear detail on the suitability of each range for different applications. This is matched by larger swatches, in-situ images and downloadable brochures and technical specifications to provide you with a comprehensive package of information.

Visit our website to learn more about the impressive Contract Stock collection.