2nd September 2017

Set To Inspire

From a grand architectural ceiling to something as seemingly insignificant as frozen patterns stretching across the roof of a car, design is everywhere.

The external environment and these often unnoticed details greatly influence my creativity on a daily basis. Together with the Ulster design team we hope to curate these moments of inspiration in our new blog, to enthuse, inspire and excite your design sensibility.

What’s new?

Ulster are delighted to have been asked to weave a rug for one of the concept bedroom sets – the Performer Tribe – at Sleep 2016. Created by Studio Proof in London the design, shown below, reflects the demands of the discerning individual in the ‘performer tribe’ with an expectation of modernity and a space which is suitable for both business and leisure.  This will be on display at Sleep 2016 as part of the ‘Sleep Set’ at The Business Design Centre, London on the 22 -23 November.

Studio Proof & Ulster Carpets

Studio Proof & Ulster Carpets