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The Art of Ulster

With some of the world’s leading carpet designers based in our offices across the world, every day we create what we call ‘The Art of Ulster’. This concept is about utilising the large canvas that flooring offers to create statement designs.

Ballrooms and lobbies are the perfect example of this, giving our designers the space to create impact aesthetics that pop with colour and texture. But even in smaller spaces, such as corridors, our ability to match designs to the required space means that you don’t lose your ability to leave a lasting impression.

The bespoke service also allows us to complement the interior design theme and provide a continuity that takes visitors on a journey from the front door and right through your venue.

By talking, listening and understanding, our designers have been able to build up strong relationships with leading interior designers, architects, specifiers and venue owners. This partnership approach has resulted in stunning designs.

Of course, having great designers is only one essential element of the Ulster service. We are able to translate their inspirational designs onto carpet by using a patented weaving system. Our weaving technology allows for unlimited design possibilities without the need for a repeating pattern.


The perfect combination of design and manufacturing capabilities puts at a unique advantage over other carpet manufacturers and is the reason why the Art of Ulster can be found in the world’s leading hotels, casinos and cruise liners.

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