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BDNY Trend insight 2023

Boutique Design New York (BDNY) is the leading trade fair for the US hospitality design industry.

Based in the Jacob K. Javits Center “for two high-energy days each November, it’s the curated, creative event of the industry—bringing designers, architects, purchasing agents, hoteliers, owners, and developers together with inventive manufacturers of design elements for hospitality interiors for a highly curated experience.”

Events like these give us the opportunity to engage with the interior design community and allow us to showcase our outstanding talents and services.

This year’s show featured some strong design and color themes, the most evident being that of nature. From beautiful botanical themes using leafy greens and delicate flowers to organic structures with influences of earthly elements.

Textures played a key role in adding depth and warmth to spaces. Wool and leather led the way for textiles while elements of gold and metallic added a touch of glamour.

Not only did this theme dominate pattern and texture but also color.

Warm earthy muted tones were used to create spaces of zen while pops of blues and greens were used to create biophilic settings.

Our own stand was influenced by nature thanks to the bespoke floral carpet design that was specifically created for BDNY. The design showcased the high levels of our design capabilities and our ability to add vibrant, eye-catching color.

If you were unable to attend BDNY and are keen to know more about what we can offer, please get in touch with our US team here

Check it out!

Checks, tartan, plaids, checkerboard – whatever you call this design style it still looks great, as you will discover in our new collection on Design Portal and Pinterest.

Celebrating the emblematic style of these grid-based designs, this collection proves just how versatile Checks can be.


Perfectly balanced, symmetrical lines add a structured and orderly feel to any interior design. But the beauty of Checks is found between the lines, with the geometric stylings enhanced through the use of colour.

From charming and intimate to bold and playful, Checks evolve through the meticulous combination of different colours.

Then there is everything from Harlequinn and Gingham to new contemporary Plaids and colourful Checkerboards, the versatility of Checks means it is a style that is here to stay.

Sue Farnell, our Archivist who is responsible for putting our Design Portal collections together, said, “Our designers have been pushing the boundaries with checks which has developed into this dynamic, contemporary collection with its roots firmly based in this long held traditional style.”

Be inspired and Check out our new Collection. Log in at https://designportal.ulstercarpets.com or, if you haven’t registered, e-mail sue.farnell@ulstercarpets.com for more information.


Ulster Carpets are made from quality wool from sheep in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Marine Sustainability

Sustainable Sailing

Across the hospitality industry, sustainability has quite rightly become a hugely important topic and nowhere is that more evident than in marine projects.

At Ulster Carpets, we are committed to building a sustainable future by manufacturing in an ethical manner that reduces our impact on the environment.

We have already demonstrated this commitment with significant investment in our state-of-the-art Dyehouse and Energy Centre and the creation of our own recycling hub to convert waste carpet into luxury underlay.

Bespoke Ulster carpet on Tui Cruises Mein Schiff Herz.

We are set to take this even further with the introduction of new technology which will ultimately make our patented weaving process more energy efficient.

Unlike other manufacturers who outsource various elements, we spin and dye all our own yarn as well as design and weave every carpet. Having this level of control gives us the freedom to develop greener manufacturing processes.

This is mirrored by the end product – a wool-rich carpet for your cruise ship.

Sustainable carpet

Whether your choice is a bespoke design or from the contract stock range, the journey to your luxury carpet starts with selecting the right wool. We use high quality wool shorn from sheep across Great Britain, Ireland and New Zealand that produce the strongest and highest grade of fleece.

This rapidly renewable material is regrown in 12 months, providing Ulster with a sustainable supply of high-quality raw material. Our carpets are a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon – a combination that offers optimal performance and longevity under intense usage in marine environments.

That balance is also factored into our preferred backing option for cruise ships that includes a green poly backing with a minimum of 50% recycled content.

All our environmental commitments are backed by our various ISO and IMO certifications as well as to the Green Label Plus program.

These are just some of the steps that we are taking to improve our sustainability. Looking ahead, across all aspects of the company, we continue to research new alternatives to increase this even further.

Find out more about how we meet our environmental and sustainability responsibilities here.

Meet Team Marine

When it comes to building strong relationships with customers, Chris Colvin and Ciara Halligan are better equipped than most.

This experienced pair head up our Marine Division and both have a keen interest in the human mind and behaviour.

Before joining Ulster Carpets as part of our Graduate Programme, Chris completed a Psychology degree at Queen’s University while Ciara has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Social Sciences, Social Policy and Sociology from the Open University.

This has helped them build relationships with our customers all over the world – an attribute that Ulster Carpets have built their success on over the years.

“We take great pride in building long term relationships,” explained Chris, who is Ulster’s Marine Sales Manager. “We work with people in a variety of different countries and while there may be cultural and language barriers, people still expect high standards of service and that is what we work hard to deliver.”

During his five years with the company, Chris has worked in procurement, marketing and in various sales roles, including in our London office. He feels this has given him a strong foundation for his current position.

“I have a clear understanding of what we can offer and how all our departments work together effectively to meet the needs of our customers. Every day we are set new challenges in terms of colour and design and it is satisfying when we’re able to meet them.

“The cruise industry is very competitive, with each cruise line looking to stand out. Our ability to produce stunning bespoke designs in a greater selection of colours is what sets us apart. We can create carpets that have a genuine wow factor but equally we can create designs that are more subtle. I think it is that ability to turn an aspirational concept into reality which makes the real difference.”

Like Chris, Ciara has worked across a range of different roles in her 26 years at Ulster and she holds the honour of being the company’s first female weaver to work on our innovative PSYLO™ looms.

“When I speak to a customer about what designs we can create and about the quality of our carpets, I am talking from the experience of having actually helped produce them,” said Ciara, who is our Marine Project Manager. “I know first hand the amazing capabilities of our patented weaving technology and what we can do that no other carpet manufacturer can.”

From the original enquiry through to organising delivery, Ciara’s role involves every step of the process.

“We are very customer focused and we take pride in what we do. You actually start to feel really connected to different cruise ships because of the work you have put in to help create these beautiful spaces and to help passengers enjoy their vacation. It is hugely rewarding building those relationships with interior designs and seeing ideas turn into reality.”

Take a look at some of the prestigious cruise projects that Ulster have worked on – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/projects/marine/

#inspireme | Midnight

Influenced by the play of light and shadow at midnight, these eye-catching carpet designs are taken from our online gallery, Design Portal.

In terms of designs and colours, Design Portal offers an abundance of choice and a plethora of inspiration. Packed full of over 9,000 designs, this digital archive is easy to use, with designs collated into specific categories and collections.
You also have the option to search using either keywords or design numbers to help you find the right style for you.
All designs can also be recoloured to suit the project you are working on. Our virtual tuft box has both standard and neutral options, meaning you can recolour a design from a choice of over 650 colours.
Continually updated with designs created by our designs teams across the world, you can save your favourites for future reference or upload recoloured designs into your personal folder. You can also have access to any bespoke designs created for you by Ulster.
When the world’s leading interior designers say #inspireme Design Portal is the perfect place to start.
Log in now at https://designportal.ulstercarpets.com or, if you haven’t registered, email sue.farnell@ulstercarpets.com

The Art of Ulster

With some of the world’s leading carpet designers based in our offices across the world, every day we create what we call ‘The Art of Ulster’. This concept is about utilising the large canvas that flooring offers to create statement designs.

Ballrooms and lobbies are the perfect example of this, giving our designers the space to create impact aesthetics that pop with colour and texture. But even in smaller spaces, such as corridors, our ability to match designs to the required space means that you don’t lose your ability to leave a lasting impression.

The bespoke service also allows us to complement the interior design theme and provide a continuity that takes visitors on a journey from the front door and right through your venue.

By talking, listening and understanding, our designers have been able to build up strong relationships with leading interior designers, architects, specifiers and venue owners. This partnership approach has resulted in stunning designs.

Of course, having great designers is only one essential element of the Ulster service. We are able to translate their inspirational designs onto carpet by using a patented weaving system. Our weaving technology allows for unlimited design possibilities without the need for a repeating pattern.


The perfect combination of design and manufacturing capabilities puts at a unique advantage over other carpet manufacturers and is the reason why the Art of Ulster can be found in the world’s leading hotels, casinos and cruise liners.

CLICK HERE to take a look at some examples of the Art of Ulster in our Project Gallery or why not be inspired and explore our Art of Ulster gallery on Design Portal.  You have to be registered to enjoy the benefits of Design Portal – CLICK HERE to find out more or to log in.

Minerals Collection

Take a look at our latest collection in Design Portal.

From rough textures and elements to smooth layering formations, explore the beautiful designs inspired by natures gems.

Packed full of over 9,000 designs, our online archive is easy to use and is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

Design Portal is also fully searchable using key words or by design numbers while you can also create your own favourites to keep for future reference.

Once you’ve found the design you want, you can even recolour it to suit the project you’re working on. If we have created a custom design for you, then these can also be uploaded into your individual collection. You can then use our standard or neutral tuft boxes to choose from over 650 colours and recolour to your heart’s content!

Maison & Objet


Due to the ongoing global pandemic Maison & Objet took their extremely popular design exhibition to the digital realms during Paris Design Week 2020.

We have pulled together three of the most popular design trends and the four most influential colours and combined them with options from our own online archive, Design Portal, as well as current stock collections.

As you can see, thanks to our design expertise, we are able to connect with any trend. You can also connect to any of these trends by using Design Portal to inspire your own design choices.


Design Trends from Maison & Objet | Paris Design Week

Living with earth

“Interiors are all about surrounding ourselves with the things we love. Today, everyone’s striving to tune into the beauty of the earth. Wind, light, water, wood, stone and fire. Sometimes through technology, sometimes through the fusion of craft and design, reflecting a shift in attitudes towards the earth and how we all live.”



Wonder is a manifestation of the clash between the ever-changing awareness of our past, present, and future. In an attempt of hacked escapism, we find comfort in creating an incomprehensible world, one that ironically comes to mimic the things that we once found solace in. Thanks to innovations of AI and VR designers are playing with warped yet conforming shapes, design looks both familiar and completely novel — it’s a sensationalized concoction of rendered dimensions.


Retro Revival

A return to the “Golden Age of Design” when craftsmanship was at its peak – brands are looking towards fundamental shapes, materials and details of the 1950s-60s to revamp into the modern stylings of today. Consumers are feeling the weight of over consumption, thus craving items that hold substance and feel good. They are slowing down, off the wave of technology overkill, and seeking to find inspiration in the heirlooms. We are also seeing that due to having so much access online, consumers have a desire to share their own personality in the home, thus bringing in their own heritage and roots – items that play to their childhood memories for a mix and match approach to styling motifs.

Colour Trends from Maison & Objet | Paris Design Week

A green infusion

Long ignored throughout history, green is now rising from the ashes to become an ultra-trendy color for the world of decor. In terms of furniture and objects, solid or plain green is the thing, in minimal shapes. For interiors, go green on walls and floors, in rather soft, natural, and muted tones.


Pantone Classic Blue

Elegant, unchanging, and timeless, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is the color of the year to embrace today. Inspiring serenity, confidence, and commonality, this shade of dark blue reminds us of the twilight sky and fosters concentration, a color to take refuge in.


Earth Tones

Organic shapes and natural materials, all in a kaleidoscope of clay-based colours…it’s a major trend these days. Whether its hand-whipped concrete walls, inspired ceramics, delicate wood, or tanned leather, let’s discover a visible (and visual) sampling of this style.

Brown is the new black

Long shunned, brown is making a comeback in design and decor. Its range of shades, deep and easy to match with, can be readily substituted for black, while adding a touch of difference, warmth, and velvety softness.


Now that you’re suitably inspired, now is the time to move onto Design Portal. Packed full of over 9,000 designs, our online archive is easy to use and is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

You can get a sense of what is currently on-trend by taking a look at some of the most recent designs from our creative teams based across the world.

Design Portal is also fully searchable using key words or by design numbers while you can also create your own favourites to keep for future reference.

Once you’ve found the design you want, you can even recolour it to suit the project you’re working on. If we have created a custom design for you, then these can also be uploaded into your individual collection. You can then use our standard or neutral tuft boxes to choose from over 650 colours and recolour to your heart’s content!

In terms of designs and colours, Design Portal offers an abundance of choice and a plethora of inspiration, however where a project does not require a bespoke product, our variety of stock ranges offer an attractive alternative, with the added advantages of readily available samples, matching batches, quick turnaround times and no minimum order quantities.

If you wish to discuss your project or view Ulster’s collections our Paris Office is open and our experienced team are available to help develop ideas or answer questions.

Rez de Chaussee | 59 Rue Du Faubourg |Saint Antoine | 75011 | Paris | T: +33 (1) 70 22 48 04 | E: uceurope@ulstercarpets.com


For more information on Design Portal or our large stock offering please get in touch by emailing marketing@ulstercarpets.com

Sand & Carpet

Article featured by Design Insider:

Sand and carpet are not two elements that you would normally put together.

However, thanks to the design sophistication and unique manufacturing capabilities of Ulster Carpets, it is possible to recreate the look of sand in a carpet without the feel.

A great example of this is at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai where, a number of years ago, Ulster’s design team were set the task of creating a carpet that resembled an array of oriental style rugs randomly strewn across sand.

The stunning carpet that was created from this concept personifies the design freedom and unique weaving technology that allows Ulster to transform once impossible carpet concepts into a reality.

The reason for this is PSYLO™ – the weaving system patented by Ulster. PSYLO™ enables carpet to be manufactured to a greater degree of design intricacy, using an enhanced spectrum of colour at an unrivalled level of efficiency.

This technology provides the necessary design freedom to create the depth and texture needed to replicate the look of a sandy beach or virtually any other design. Being able to create a 3D design on a 2D surface provides more scope and is one of the key reasons why Ulster is chosen to make bespoke carpets for the hospitality, gaming and marine sectors right across the world.

Read more about PSYLO™