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When Speed is of the Essence

With both new build and refurbishment projects facing tight time pressures, our Contract Stock collection provides a fast and efficient solution.

For those projects that don’t have the time to develop a bespoke design, the variety of choice available in our Contract Stock range offers a viable alternative. Better still, with comprehensive stocks already in place, you could be rolling out new carpet on your commercial project sooner than you think!

One of the reasons why Ulster can provide such a fast turnaround is because we control every aspect of our manufacturing process. From sourcing the highest quality wool and spinning and dyeing the yarn through to design and weaving, we manage every step of the process.

Our experience of working on hospitality projects across the world also means we understand the challenges that these projects face. Coupled with our focus on strong customer relationships, this knowledge has allowed us to tailor our carpets to meet the specific needs of projects such as hotels, restaurants, bars and B&Bs through to casinos and cruise ships.

Making it easier to find the essential information that you need, the new dedicated Contract Stock section on our website features clear detail on the suitability of each range for different applications.

This is matched by larger swatches, in-situ images and downloadable brochures and technical specifications to provide you with a comprehensive package of information.

Visit the Contract Stock section of our website and get your next project moving – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/stock/ 

natura | Infused by Nature

Natura, our new carpet collection for the hospitality sector, is grounded on a theme that accentuates how we are connected to the intricacy of nature.

As the world reconnects with nature, our designers took the time to pause and take in the beauty surrounding them. These moments of quiet reflection provided the inspiration behind this stunning new collection.

Designed to meet the exacting needs of the hospitality industry, Natura encompasses 7 new designs in 24 different colourways that are suitable for a range of applications, including public areas, guest rooms, restaurants and corridors, amongst others.

Our new designs magnify the beauty of nature by focusing on the intimate detail of the elements around us. The outcome is a carefully curated collection that finds a perfect balance between impactful aesthetics and subtle beauty.

The new designs are:

Alder The hushed hues of Alder radiate with the soft, meandering patterns found on the bark of a Birch tree. The four contemporary colourways – Yam, Ribe, Ornäs and Kelp – are tempered by a distressed aesthetic that creates an enchantingly subtle narrative.

Arcus Imitating the turbulent nature of clouds that form at the edge of a thunderstorm, Arcus evokes the expectant nature of weather. Available in three colourways – Lumen, Storm and Electric – this is a design that delivers a clear sense of drama.

Esker Available in four colourways – Sif, Thar, Rift and Azul – Esker takes its name from the long ridges deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier. These flowing striations form an intimate pattern of serenity.

Moso Influenced by the patterns of Moso, a type of bamboo native to China and Taiwan, this impactful design is available in three colourways – Char, Lint and Tansu. The layered, patina effect accentuates the organic aesthetics of nature.

Nahla Reminiscent of the ripples left by rain droplets, Nahla means ‘first drink of water’. The Arabic and African origin of the word resonates within the three colourways – Unda, Bayou and Zale – to create a mesmerising creative statement.


Vita Reflecting the complexity of molecular structures, Vita is Latin ‘for the course of one’s life’. With three colourways – Alpha, Helix and Origin – the layered linear elements create three-dimensional depth for an emboldened design.

Zen The striking Zen designs encompass the new heights that can be reached when you are in a state of calm attentiveness. The four modern colourways, Inga, Moka, Yari and Mesa, elevate the transition of the textures to create a sense of energy.

As you can see, just like the natural world, there is also a balance to how we have combined these  new designs with the 24 colourways available. Earth’s strongest hues and hushed tones have been transformed into a contemporary colour palette and then intuitively paired with each new design to create maximum impact.

Visit our new Contract Stock section to find out more about Natura – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/stock/ 

Click on Contract Stock

We have reacted to the increasing demand for our Contract Stock collection by launching a new dedicated section to our website.

The quick turnaround of orders has made Ulster’s comprehensive Contract Stock collection a popular choice for both new build and refurbishment projects that are facing tight time pressures.

As an attractive alternative to our bespoke carpets, our Contract Stock Collection has been specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of hospitality projects, including hotels, casinos and cruise ships.

This revamped section on our website is now easier to use, meaning you won’t have to waste already valuable time trying to find the information you need.

Larger swatches and a gallery of in-situ imagery will give you a clearer indication of how you can match each design with your interior plans.

This is complemented by essential information such as construction details, widths and the various applications that each range is suitable for. Users can also download relevant brochures and technical specifications or watch videos of different ranges.

Interior designers, architects and owners can also benefit from the variety of different designs on offer. Tapping into a variety of trends ranging from traditional to contemporary, the extensive colour and design options offer an abundance of choice and are regularly updated. A number of new colourways have been added to Watercolours, Anatolia, HΛBITÜS and Grange Wilton while we have a new contract stock collection set to be launched soon.


The variety of designs is matched by the quality of each range. As Ulster fully controls every aspect of our manufacturing processes, we can ensure we deliver the highest levels of quality.

This is particularly important in contract settings where there are different requirements for each area. To meet this demand, we have developed flooring solutions for all public areas, ballrooms and prefunction areas, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, corridors, and bedrooms and suites.

We have comprehensive stocks of our Contract Stock collection in place and available now. Visit our new-look Contract Stock section to find out more – www.ulstercarpets.com/contract

Fast and Efficient Solutions

As the marine sector looks positively towards setting sail again, many cruise lines are looking for fast, efficient and reliable carpet solutions. That is where Ulster’s IMO-rated Contract Stock collection can make all the difference.

An attractive alternative to Ulster’s renowned bespoke carpets, our Contract Stock collection has been specifically created for the hospitality industry and is available immediately from our comprehensive stocks.

Perfect for marine projects that require a quick turnaround time, our extensive stock levels can ensure that we can help you meet the tight deadlines faced by the cruise industry.

Another benefit is the range of styles on offer. From contemporary styles to traditional elegance, the diversity of Ulster’s stock ranges provides extensive colour and design options. Some of the popular ranges for the cruise sector include:

Vescent – This eclectic collection (pictured above) features six contemporary designs – Linea, Arbor, Nebula, Calx, Vapor and Nexus – in 21 colourways. The neutral colour palette reflects modern textile trends, while a flash of colour is added for those seeking something different. From structured designs to more organic styles, the secret to the success of Vescent is the diversity of the collection.


Watercolours – Inspired by natural landscapes and the abstract masterpieces of JMW Turner, the contemplative subtlety of Watercolours (pictured above) is perfect for nautical settings. Ideal for areas where the carpet pattern does not need to be the dominant feature, Watercolours works in complete harmony with a range of colours and fabrics.

As well as design choice, Ulster also provides quality. As we control every aspect of the manufacturing process, we can guarantee the quality of every carpet. Carpets in the Stock Collection are manufactured in a hard wearing combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon in a variety of colour matching widths, making them perfect for a wide range of busy contract applications, including bedrooms and suites; corridors; meeting rooms; and public areas.

We have comprehensive stocks available to order immediately. Vescent and Watercolours are just two examples of our comprehensive stock collection – to see our complete range, CLICK HERE