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Demonstrating The Art of Ulster

The Art of Ulster is based around utilising the large canvas that flooring offers to create bespoke carpet designs.

Two recent projects demonstrate this concept perfectly.

The Drake is synonymous with Chicago and decade after decade it has welcomed some of the world’s most famous names, including Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe. Our custom carpet graces The Grand Ballroom, The French Room and the adjoining pre-function and it reflects our ability to create stunning bespoke carpet designs.

The Grand Ballroom Carpet at The Drake Hotel in Chicago

Our world-class design team created a bespoke carpet pattern that displays real artistry. From the balcony overlooking The Grand Ballroom you can see a custom carpet design that is impactful in its timeless elegance. But look closer, and you will see meticulous levels of detail.

Details of the Grand Ballroom carpet at The Drake Hotel in Chicago

At The Drake, the focus was on retaining the hotel’s sense of history and inimitable style but our work at Saint Kate the Arts Hotel in Milwaukee provided a completely different challenge.

This unique boutique arts hotel has been created by artists for artists and is a one-of-a-kind destination.

Saint Kate is not just a hotel. It has its own theatre and multiple gallery and exhibition spaces, with evocative art located at every turn. So, it was important that the flooring also had an artistic touch.

Carpet in the corridor and ballroom at St. Kate the Arts Hotel in Milwaukee

Using a common colour bank to create a sense of continuity, our bespoke carpets can be found from the lobby right through to the impressive Simone Ballroom. Transitions of textures and overlapping colours and patterns accentuate the hotel’s style without being overpowering, allowing the various art exhibitions to make the real impact.

The Drake and Saint Kate The Arts Hotel may be two very different venues but what they have in common is a distinctive design aesthetic that reflects their unique character.

The bespoke carpet solutions created by Ulster show the versatility of our designers. Our partnership approach is key to transforming design ideas into reality and the proof of this can be found in hotels, casinos and cruise ships across the world.

We combine the unique talents of our designers with patented weaving technology that gives them the freedom to express their creativity. Thanks to this weaving technology and the talents of our designers, there are no limits to the design possibilities that we can create!

Take a closer look at The Drake and Saint Kate The Arts Hotel in our Project Gallery

Meet Team Marine

When it comes to building strong relationships with customers, Chris Colvin and Ciara Halligan are better equipped than most.

This experienced pair head up our Marine Division and both have a keen interest in the human mind and behaviour.

Before joining Ulster Carpets as part of our Graduate Programme, Chris completed a Psychology degree at Queen’s University while Ciara has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Social Sciences, Social Policy and Sociology from the Open University.

This has helped them build relationships with our customers all over the world – an attribute that Ulster Carpets have built their success on over the years.

“We take great pride in building long term relationships,” explained Chris, who is Ulster’s Marine Sales Manager. “We work with people in a variety of different countries and while there may be cultural and language barriers, people still expect high standards of service and that is what we work hard to deliver.”

During his five years with the company, Chris has worked in procurement, marketing and in various sales roles, including in our London office. He feels this has given him a strong foundation for his current position.

“I have a clear understanding of what we can offer and how all our departments work together effectively to meet the needs of our customers. Every day we are set new challenges in terms of colour and design and it is satisfying when we’re able to meet them.

“The cruise industry is very competitive, with each cruise line looking to stand out. Our ability to produce stunning bespoke designs in a greater selection of colours is what sets us apart. We can create carpets that have a genuine wow factor but equally we can create designs that are more subtle. I think it is that ability to turn an aspirational concept into reality which makes the real difference.”

Like Chris, Ciara has worked across a range of different roles in her 26 years at Ulster and she holds the honour of being the company’s first female weaver to work on our innovative PSYLO™ looms.

“When I speak to a customer about what designs we can create and about the quality of our carpets, I am talking from the experience of having actually helped produce them,” said Ciara, who is our Marine Project Manager. “I know first hand the amazing capabilities of our patented weaving technology and what we can do that no other carpet manufacturer can.”

From the original enquiry through to organising delivery, Ciara’s role involves every step of the process.

“We are very customer focused and we take pride in what we do. You actually start to feel really connected to different cruise ships because of the work you have put in to help create these beautiful spaces and to help passengers enjoy their vacation. It is hugely rewarding building those relationships with interior designs and seeing ideas turn into reality.”

Take a look at some of the prestigious cruise projects that Ulster have worked on – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/projects/marine/

Dedicated DACH team

Our dedicated team in the DACH Region continue to deliver for our customers.

We have designed and manufactured custom carpet for a range of leading hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while we also have a number of ongoing projects in the DACH Region.

A recent report by TopHotelProjects.com showed that over 500 hotel schemes are currently in the DACH region’s pipeline and Ulster’s dedicated team have the required experience to meet the flooring requirements of the hospitality industry.

Ulster’s DACH team (from left) Rachel Guy, Business Development Manager, Anja Ihde, Sales Manager, Gudula Be-Pechhold, Sales Manager and Design Consultant, and Birte Wallace, Contract Sales Administration.


We may have a global outlook, but our success has been achieved on working in partnership with customers and delivering a local service that is tailored to their needs.

That is why we have a dedicated office in Germany catering for the unique dynamics of the DACH Region.

Interior design firms, architectural studios, managers and owners can work directly with us to turn their flooring vision into a reality through a bespoke carpet design. For projects that require a quick turnaround, an attractive alternative to this service is our impressive stock collection.


Some of our projects in the DACH region – (from left) Suvretta House; Ritz-Carlton Berlin and Hilton Vienna Park.


Our experience of working on hotels, casinos and cruise ships across the world provides us with a valuable insight into the needs of the hospitality market. Essential factors such as serviceability and practicality are woven into every carpet and, as we control every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, we can deliver on quality.

Visit our projects gallery to take a look at some of our most region projects in the DACH Region, including Suvretta House, St Moritz; Hilton Vienna Park, Austria; and Ritz-Carlton, Berlin – CLICK HERE