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Sand & Carpet

Article featured by Design Insider:

Sand and carpet are not two elements that you would normally put together.

However, thanks to the design sophistication and unique manufacturing capabilities of Ulster Carpets, it is possible to recreate the look of sand in a carpet without the feel.

A great example of this is at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai where, a number of years ago, Ulster’s design team were set the task of creating a carpet that resembled an array of oriental style rugs randomly strewn across sand.

The stunning carpet that was created from this concept personifies the design freedom and unique weaving technology that allows Ulster to transform once impossible carpet concepts into a reality.

The reason for this is PSYLO™ – the weaving system patented by Ulster. PSYLO™ enables carpet to be manufactured to a greater degree of design intricacy, using an enhanced spectrum of colour at an unrivalled level of efficiency.

This technology provides the necessary design freedom to create the depth and texture needed to replicate the look of a sandy beach or virtually any other design. Being able to create a 3D design on a 2D surface provides more scope and is one of the key reasons why Ulster is chosen to make bespoke carpets for the hospitality, gaming and marine sectors right across the world.

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