5th September 2017

The Art of Origami

A Night of Origami with NEWH

Ulster are benefactors of NEWH and to further support them, we sponsored the UK chapters October’s Orgami event – ensuring that all ticket proceeds would go directly to NEWH and further build their scholarship fund for 2017.

The evening was held at The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker in Clerkenwell Sam Tsang was the tutor tasked with teaching the 40 guests the art of ‘mindfoldness’ and how origami as an art form is often used as a means of relaxation. He managed this while still keeping things very lighthearted and fun. Guests learnt how to make an envelope, a tulip and an origami crane, each from only one sheet of paper.It was an excellent evening and allowed us all to get crafty, while networking and getting to know a variety of designers and other suppliers in the industry. This event had the highest attendance of designers of any NEWH events in the last couple of years so it was all round a successful collaboration! Attendees left with full bellies, an Ulster goodie bag and excitement for the next crafty event!

With thanks to NEWH