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July 2016 Timelapse Videos

3rd August 2016

Throughout the project the weather maps have been closely watched and July has not been an exception with 25 loads of concrete delivered to complete the groundwork outside.

In July work continued inside the new Dyehouse to complete the lift shaft and the mezzanine floor office area. The ‘2nd fix’ has been carried out on the electrical & plumbing work with preparatory work underway to get ready for the 2nd phase of machinery installation and commissioning. July also saw two phases of the changeover to high voltage electricity completed over two separate weekends.

In August the front steps to the new Dyehouse will be built and the wall completed before a clean up of the whole area is undertaken ready to hand over the new Dyehouse.
The teams are in place from England, Germany & Italy to commission the new machinery and get it operational.

You can find more timelapse images of the whole project here.