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Month 3 – Time Lapse Video

9th December 2015

Work continued until mid November 2015 to complete the foundations for the new Dyehouse.  With 2,700 metres of concrete piling there is 68 tonne of reinforcing steel and 648 cubic metres of concrete poured into the ground beams and ‘holding down’ bolts for the main steel structure.

The erecting of the 176 tonne steel structure has been at a dramatic pace with completion of this in the next few days, following which preparations will start for the pouring of the concrete for the mezzanine floor.

We have captured the progress with time-lapse photography and you can view the third video on both our Contract (News / Latest News) & Residential (Blog / Sustainability) websites.  It can also be found through links on the social media feeds for Facebook & Twitter.
There are also still images showing the progress of the foundations on our Contract (Sustainability/New Developments) & Residential (About / Profile/Dye House) websites.

Enjoy the third video from the 1st phase of the new investment in the complete regeneration of all manufacturing and support facilities.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with our time lapse photography here.

Credits: Aidan Monaghan Photography