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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, A Belmond Train, Europe

Design Firm


Photography by Ludovic Balay - courtesy of Belmond

The Story

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, A Belmond Train, Europe, is an expression of a luxurious vision of Art Deco indulgence.

Working with luxury hospitality design experts, Wimberly Interiors, and J.K Interiors, who were responsible for the design management and procurement of this project, our Designers worked to retain the classical luxury and romantic intrigue of this iconic train as part of a redesign of the new suites, restaurant, and bar carriages.

Each suite is meticulously designed in a theme inspired by the picturesque European landscapes that the train traverses and our carpet designs reflect these themes to make every journey a truly immersive experience from the inside out.

For La Campagne (countryside), our carpet design reflects the vibrant green of the meadow grasses and in Les Montagnes (mountains) the design is inspired by the sharp rise of the mountain ranges.

In Les Lac (lakes), soft crests of waves are embodied in the carpet design with the rich blue tones inspired by the glacial lakes of Europe; while La Forêt (forest) is influenced by the autumnal colours of the ancient forests of central Europe.

The restaurant and bars on board are as iconic as the carriages and represent a golden age of travel that attracted movie stars, authors, ambassadors, and royalty. Our bespoke carpet designs for these carriages reflect this famous heritage and history.

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