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Mein Schiff Herz

Design Firm

  • CM Design


Tui Cruises

The Story

Premium quality is at the heart of Ulster Carpets and with Mein Schiff Herz that is very much in evidence.

Formerly known as Mein Schiff 2, this premium German cruise liner has been renamed Mein Schiff Herz (which is German for My Ship’s Heart). This name change is to reflect the love that Tui Cruises and regular passengers have for it and, as the oldest ship in the Tui fleet, that it is close to their hearts. This affection is also reflected in a recent refurbishment, complete with new Ulster carpets.

Working closely with CM Design in Hamburg, Ulster Carpets helped to develop a number of new designs for Mein Schiff Herz as well as replicating a number of previous looks that had given it such a distinctive feel.

Ulster Carpets supplied over 5,000m2 of premium carpet which has now been fitted across the cruise ship, including in the La Spezia, Meerleben, Tui Bar, Surf & Turf Restaurant, Anckelmannsplatz, X Lounge, Unschlag Bar, various elevator lobbies and Junior Suites.

Eline Daetweiler, TUI Cruises GmbH, said, “The new designs give the different areas a fresh and modern appearance.”

By incorporating a varied palette into designs of natural patterns and circular features, the team at Ulster has tapped into an environment that exudes relaxation for body, soul and spirit.

The bespoke design in the new Italian restaurant, La Spezia, mirrors the circular features of the large, porthole-style windows and centre-piece lighting, with the hushed tones blending beautifully with the extensive use of exposed wood grain.

This spherical design influence has been extended into the Tui Bar, where an added vibrancy, in terms of colour and curves, matches not only a more informal setting but the rounded nature of the bar itself.

In the X-Lounge and Landausflüge (shore excursion department area), inspiration has been found in the fact that guests are being drawn to the sea. The sharp lines of the X-Lounge carpet design mirror the impressive window frames in the viewing gallery while the organic style in the Landausflüge imitates the flowing nature of the sea.

In the Anckelmannsplatz and Surf and Turf restaurants, the design continues to echo its surroundings to create a distinctive look in each area. This ranges from a more structured style in the Anckelmannsplatz to a bold, textural aesthetic that incorporates deep tones and an organic design in the Surf and Turf.

Away from the main areas, the Junior Suites use a layered, fragmented pattern that uses stone grey as a signature colour. This design provides the perfect foundation for an overall interior style that is inspired by nature.

With extensive experience of the design, manufacture and delivery of custom carpets for the marine industry, Ulster Carpets was able to meet a strict timeframe that ensured Mein Schiff Herz was deployed in the Mediterranean on schedule.