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Seven Seas Explorer

Design Firm

  • Tillberg Design
  • CallisonRTKL


Parrott Photography

The Story

Trademarked as “the most luxurious ship ever built”, the Regent Fleet Seven Seas Explorer takes luxury to another level. A $450 million, 750 passenger vessel, the ship exudes elegance and glamour and required custom Ulster carpet to complement its exquisite interiors.

Working with renowned architectural and interior designers, Tillberg Design of Sweden and CallisonRTKL, Ulster designed and manufactured bespoke axminster carpets for the penthouse suites, grand suites, corridors and all public areas.

Living up to its reputation, the ship emanates an unrivalled luxury and attention to detail. The atrium, often the first area passengers see when boarding a ship, oozes opulence and sets the tone for the rest of the vessel. The earthy browns, golds and ochre used in the carpet tie in perfectly with the contemporary surroundings and the gold accents used by the interior designers. Designed using an organic pattern, the carpet creates movement which immediately draws the eye and almost guides the passengers along to the rest of the ship.

Each area differs from the next, yet they all remain true to the one of a kind feel. The Compass Rose Restaurant features a striking art deco inspired design on the carpet, which provides the perfect backdrop for the stunning blue crystal chandelier in the centre of the restaurant. The Pacific Rim restaurant on the other hand emits a subtle oriental feel and the carpet reflects this through the use of interlocking patterns which add texture and depth to the design.

Arguably the most striking of the designs, the observation lounge presents a bold design of large scale, abstract flowers outlined in gold. The lounge itself echoes old Hollywood glamour and the carpet, along with all of the intricate details, works in harmony to create an interior fit to compete with the stunning panoramas likely to be found outside the ship. Moving through to the bar area in the observation lounge, the carpet changes to a more distinct art deco pattern designed to tie in with the shapes on the ceiling of the lounge.