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Arthaus Hotel, Dublin

Design Firm

  • Clarke & Whiteman


Courtesy of Tifco Hotel Group

The Story

What better place for the Art of Ulster to be on display than a hotel that honours the spirit of the world-famous Bauhaus School of Art and Design!

Located near St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin city centre, Arthaus Hotel is a unique boutique hotel that exhibits a rich tapestry of art and design by a series of artists, craftsmen and skilled workers. Ulster Carpets is now part of the artistry within the hotel.

With some of the world’s best carpet designers, we create what we call the Art of Ulster – a bespoke luxury carpet that fuses art and functionality together.

For this project, we once again worked in partnership with interior design and architecture firm, Clarke & Whiteman, to create an eclectic range of designs to match this contemporary setting. Our carpets feature in the Boutique, Superior and Executive rooms as well as the corridors.

The statement by Wassily Kandinsky, a prominent artist at Bauhaus, which said, “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” inspired our designers as they showcased Ulster’s unique ability to create unrivalled depth of colour within a carpet.

The layered, overlapping linear design embodies the hotel’s unique style. Building on this is a colour palette based around soft coral and misty grey tones that work wonderfully against the gold, brass and walnut accents of the fixtures and furniture.

The Bauhaus philosophy of combining aesthetics with everyday function is also to the fore in Ulster’s carpets. As well as looking impressive, our carpets also incorporate the the essential factors of sustainability, serviceability and practicality.