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Lost Property St Paul’s, London

Design Firm


Photography courtesy of Hilton Hotels

The Story

The iconic London skyline of St. Paul’s has been captured at Lost Property, St Paul’s, London through bespoke designs by Ulster Carpets.

An exceptional addition to Hilton’s Curio portfolio, this London hotel is a Grade II listed building that embodies its historic location and offers a unique guest experience.

Ica – one of the world’s leading hotel architecture and interior design practices – and Key Interior and Designs – a practice specialising in bespoke designs for luxury hotels and private residential clients, led by Rani Ahluwalia – played an integral role in the wider design team, ensuring that the client’s interior design aspirations were met.

Continuing to build on their long-term relationship, the collaboration between Ica, Key Interior and Designs and Ulster Carpets resulted in a series of designs that celebrates the hotel’s individual spirit, as defined by the uniqueness of the Curio collection.

This is particularly evident in the corridors. At Ulster Carpets, we are accustomed to creating designs that take their cues from a hotel’s overall style but, for the corridor carpet, we took inspiration from the instantly recognisable architecture of St Paul’s.

Enriched by pastel tones that add eye catching colour, this beautifully detailed carpet demonstrates Ulster’s ability to create precise detail.

Accentuating the Art Deco and mid-century design throughout the hotel, Ulster also designed and manufactured a series of bespoke carpets for the guestrooms and suites.

Through the use of different colours and styles that provide the various rooms with a distinctive identity, the guestroom carpets perfectly complement the hotel’s unique design features.

This includes the truly unique reception area where a custom wall display is offset by stunning lighting that, in turn, matches the colours and the ripple effect design of Ulster’s bespoke rugs.

Our work at Lost Property is the perfect example of The Art of Ulster concept. With patented weaving technology and world-class designers, Ulster Carpets can create bespoke carpets and rugs to match the essence of any venue.

The Art of Ulster concept is based around utilising the large canvas that flooring offers to create bespoke designs that would not look out of place in an art gallery. Instead, however, our inspiring creations are found in the world’s leading hotels, casinos and cruise ships.

If you’d like to see more of our collaborative design projects across the world, visit our Projects page. You can also discover more about design at Ulster on our Design Blog website, where we discuss the latest trends in design and showcase our design process on multiple bespoke projects.