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Grange Wilton Collection

Grange Wilton is a luxurious woven Wilton twist range, made in the UK, comprising 40 colours that is suitable for public areas, meeting rooms, bedrooms and suites. Grange Wilton uses high twist plain and heather yarns woven tightly together to create luxurious carpets in plain and heather shades.

Combining the luxury of wool and the hardwearing properties of nylon, Grange Wilton is a blend of 80% wool, 20% nylon plain and heather yarns, woven tightly to create the ultimate in floor covering.

Colourways within Grange Wilton include warm organic mineral tones, soft muted greys through to slate, beiges, greens and reds all inspired by a timeless, heritage palette.

Ulster’s unique MultiWidth service means Grange Wilton is available in 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1m colour matching widths. This unique service reduces wastage to provide a more cost-effective solution to customers. The benefit of waste reduction also ensures an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for customers, limiting environmental impact.

The nostalgic tones and colours found in Grange Wilton will effortlessly help create warmth and practical luxury in any interior scheme. Alternatively, each of the 40 colours can be combined with other Ulster products or bespoke designs to achieve a flowing scheme.

Grange Wilton is available with a fast turnaround time and quick delivery.

Explore the Grange Wilton range now and experience the 40 versatile plain designs that this collection has to offer. If you’d like to enquire about Grange Wilton or any of our carpet collections, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

You can view more carpet designs and discover a carpet to match our Grange Wilton collection by going to our Contact Stock page. You can also discover our bespoke carpet projects across the world on our Projects page.

Suitability: Heavy Wear applications including various Public Areas, Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms and Suites. 80% wool/20% nylon. Available in 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m and 1m widths.