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Wools of New Zealand, Laneve

Wools of New Zealand, Laneve

What Does the Wools of New Zealand, Laneve Brand Represent?

‘Laneve is a companion to the Wools of New Zealand brand and goes beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability of the wool itself’

The wool in Ulster Carpets Laneve branded products has been independently verified as having been sustainably produced and is traceable to specific farms in New Zealand via the Wools of New Zealand website. Only farmers that are accredited to the Wool Partners Integrity Program can qualify to supply premium wool for products within the Ulster Carpets Open Spaces Queenstown and Auckland ranges.

What Does Laneve Mean to our Customers?

‘Trace your wool carpet back to its Origin…’

It is important in today’s world to know where the products in our homes come from and what materials they are made of. Increasingly we are seeking authentic products made from natural materials with integrity and sustainability such as Ulster Open Spaces Auckland and Queenstown products.

Customers purchasing Ulster Carpets, Laneve branded carpet can be assured at the point of sale that they will be able to trace their wool to the farms where the wool was grown.

They can rest assured that the land management and animal welfare and social practice is outstanding and independently verified and that the carpets meet stringent performance requirements ensuring they retain their great looks for many years to come.

These natural attributes are the foundations of the Laneve brand by Wools of New Zealand.

Ulster Carpets Open Spaces Queenstown and Auckland ranges provide consumers with the assurance of:

Laneve branded carpets are made from 100% ethical wool, which is traceable to identifiable farmers. These farmers comply with an independently authenticated integrity program.

Wool suppliers comply to strict codes of practice covering animal health, nutrition, shelter and safety.

Highly skilled and experienced farmers combine traditional farming techniques with current best practice to ensure optimal land management.

Free-range farms naturally producing high quality strong wool for premium carpet.

Protection of the land and waterways to ensure both environmental and economic sustainability

Open Spaces Auckland and Queenstown carpets are traceable back to the farms that grew the wool.

In choosing a Laneve branded product, manufactured using only New Zealand wool, you are purchasing a luxurious 100% wool carpet. Each carpet is traceable back to individual farmers (via the Wools of New Zealand fully integrated supply chain) who must meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards outlined above.

Download Wools of New Zealand, Laneve brochure