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Axfelt – Recycled, Remade, Renewed

Axfelt Triple Layer Underlay is made from recycled materials that are remade and renewed into a luxury product that helps to significantly extend the life of your new carpet.

The Sustainable Choice

Made from recycled materials, Axfelt Triple Layer Underlay is the sustainable choice for your home.

As well as protecting the planet, Axfelt also provides an excellent foundation for your new carpet.

Planet Friendly Flooring

Instead of ending up in landfill, we divert waste materials to our factory in Devon where they are recycled, remade and renewed into our luxury underlay. Each layer uses a different material to provide the perfect combination:


Layer 1 – 100% recycled yarn and wool fibre


Layer 2 – 100% recycled wool yarn and wool-rich carpet waste


Layer 3 – 100% recycled rubber made from recycled lorry and tractor tyres.


The three layers are bound together with latex, and a polypropylene scrim is added to stabilise the layers, ensuring a high quality and long-lasting product. The final product contains more than 82% recycled content.

Excellent Foundation

Most similar products on the market are made from two layers but Axfelt is different. Our three-layer construction provides a range of advantages:


Durability – Axfelt helps to reduce wear and tear, with independent BS4052 tests proving that our triple layer construction provides best-in-class crush recovery. This helps to maintain the good looks of your carpet for longer.


Insulation – By itself, wool is already a great insulator but when incorporated into our three layer construction this is enhanced even further. Axfelt delivers excellent thermal insulation of 2.7 tog and superb sound insulation of 32db.


Support – Unlike smooth surfaces on many foam underlays, the velcro effect created between Axfelt’s top layer of wool and the woven backing of a carpet reduces the likelihood of movement over time, which helps to extend the life of the carpet.

Perfect Partners

We believe that Axfelt is the perfect partner for an Ulster carpet and that is why we’re offering an extended guarantee of up to 10 years*.


If you choose to complement your Ulster Axminster or Wilton carpet with Axfelt Triple Layer Underlay, we will add an extra four years to our standard six-year guarantee!


*Ts&Cs Apply. Speak to any Ulster retailer for more information.

100% Recycled

3Layer Construction

Thermal Insulation Properties

Support and Secure

Durability and Longevity