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Experience terræn

terræn | a stylish new Danish-inspired cut and loop collection.

The six designs in terræn are a reflection of familiar surfaces found in both urban and rural settings, from concrete castings to forest floors – this range is all about creating pattern with texture.

The three urban textures berg | lenke | ryg explore designs from sources as varied as angled shows and light from urban architecture, sculpted concrete surfaces, and the more familiar hounds tooth design from furnishing and fashion.

In contrast the three more organic designs oska | frond | nömad reflect dappled shade through branches of trees, sprays of grass or slender branches of new buds in a gentle breeze, and again a design familiar in furnishing and fashion – a flowing paisley motif reminiscent of henna painting.

All six designs within terræn resonate with the places we live in and our surrounding environment. And because the range is plain, they are perfect for modern, calm interiors and as a foil to statement pieces.

terræn offers a restrained, neutral colour palette with four colourways: grå | krem | kaffe | granit

Constructed using 80% wool 20% nylon pile yarn in premium British and New Zealand wool, terræn is available in 4m, 3m, 2m and 1m colour matching widths. Ulster’s unique multi widths service not only reduces wastage and helps lower our carbon footprint but it also proves more cost effective to customers.

Manufactured in Denmark by danfloor (an Ulster Group Company specialising in the manufacture of loop products), terræn sits alongside Ulster’s popular ØPEN SPΛCES and HΛBITÜS collections.