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Designed in the UK, Admired in Homes Worldwide

You would think that the first step to creating a luxury Ulster Carpet would be the wool, but every one of our carpets actually starts life with our UK design team.

Our UK-based Residential Designers, Clare Jenkinson and Calvin Pope, love nothing more than to connect with colour or to play with patterns that, eventually, end up as the new carpet in your home.

It can be a long process and one that requires a high level of forward-thinking! From initial concepts to the eventual launch, it can take two or three years to develop a new colour, pattern or collection.

And that all-important ingredient of inspiration comes in many forms.

“I take inspiration wherever I can find it,” explained Clare. “When I’m out for a walk, I always have a sketchbook with me to capture something that catches my eye. Some days it is a leaf, others it is a coastline. As it changes all the time, I have plenty of ideas to work with.

“Before I start work on any new design or colour, I always take a flick through my sketchbooks for inspiration.”

Calvin added, “It can be a certain artistic technique that you build the idea around or maybe a certain colour palette. The hard part is looking beyond what is popular at the moment and instead try to predict what colour or pattern will be popular in a few years’ time.”

But after nearly 85 years in business, there’s one thing that we know for sure at Ulster – trends will always come round again!

That is why many of our designs remain as popular today as they were when they were first launched. We proved that recently with the subtle reimagining of our Anatolia collection.

A firm favourite with customers over the years, we retained the classic Persian interlacing medallion design and brought it right up-to-date by adding a modern colour palette.

Making Anatolia relevant to today’s trends, the addition of the new grey, blue and neutral tones to the Aswan, Souk and Bedouin designs connects this range with the colours found in modern interiors.

It isn’t just aesthetics that make the difference. The focus on sustainability also makes our wool-rich carpets popular and that is captured perfectly in our Natural Choice range, which is made from 100% wool.

By blending together wool from different breeds, we have created a broad colour bank of entirely natural tones. Clare and Calvin took the concept a step further by blending different artisan techniques into the design.

These latest additions to the Natural Choice collection reference traditional Japanese ceramics and Tibetan designs along with Asian weaving and wickerwork techniques to create a series of captivating patterns.

Not only do we design in the UK but all of our Axminster and Wilton carpets are also manufactured in the UK as well. In fact, unlike many other carpet manufacturers, we control every aspect of the process. This starts will the processing and dyeing of the wool through to the weaving.

Natural Choice and Anatolia are just two examples of the variety on offer from Ulster. We currently have 26 different carpet ranges and hundreds upon hundreds of colours to choose from, giving you plenty of choice.

That is why we give you the option of ordering up to 5 Free Samples through our website while you can also use our Find a Stockist section to find some of your nearest retailers to visit.