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The Art of Stylish Living | Inspired by JMW Turner

The expressive colourisation of artist JMW Turner continues to be the influence behind the five new additions to our popular Watercolours collection.

From the hopeful hues of a new dawn through to the playful reflection of light on water, our new colours have been inspired by the natural landscapes of the earth, sea and sky.

Providing a real sense of rest and relaxation, these elemental tones are perfect for areas where the carpet pattern does not need to be the dominant feature. They have been designed to work in complete harmony with the colours and fabrics in the room and mimic the washes of watercolour pigment softly blending into paper.

The new colourways have been added to the existing Amulet and Mineral designs, enhancing an already popular range. The new colourways are:

Celeste. Watercolours collection. Ulster carpets

Celeste – Available in both the Amulet and Mineral designs, Celeste combines the soft rose-gold, pinks and greys of the sky at dawn. These gentle colour accents are restful and reflect the hopeful feeling of a new day breaking.

Zenith. Watercolours collection. Ulster carpets

Zenith – A new addition to the Mineral design offering, Zenith replicates the soft cloudy-sky greys and neutrals found on calm landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes.

Ocean. Watercolours collection. Ulster carpets

Ocean –Influenced by the freedom of the sea and the play of light on water, Ocean features similar cloudy-sky greys and neutrals found in Zenith but is available in the Amulet design.

Savannah. Watercolours collection. Ulster carpets

Savannah – With its roots in the warm taupes of earth and home, Savannah is reminiscent of the natural pigments used by artisans in cultures all over the world. Savannah is available in both the Amulet and Mineral designs.

Azores. Watercolours collection. Ulster carpets

Azores – Available in the Mineral design, Azores blends stronger blues with soft greys and a shot of gold to replicate the shimmering reflection of light on water.

The contemplative subtlety of these gentle colour accents is perfect for creating a haven at home. If you would like a closer look, you can order free samples to be delivered direct to your door. CLICK HERE to look through the new colours and order your samples.