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BBC’s DIY SOS:The Big Build comes to Northern Ireland

Ulster Carpets were very proud to support local Co. Down family whose everyday lives have been drastically changed thanks to Nick Knowles and his team ‘The Purple Shirts’ on BBC’S DIY : SOS The Big Build show.

Ulster Carpets donated carpets to the very well deserved McCreight family from Bangor, County Down, who were successful in their application to have their home transformed with the help and expertise from the BBC’S DIY:SOS Big Build team. We provided carpets for the bedrooms and landing in the McCreight family home from our Wilton and Loop product range.

For several years the McCreight family have suffered with disabilities which has made everyday life in their home very challenging due to restrictions on being mobile throughout it. Mandy has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostic Tachycardia Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis and before the work to her home Mandy was spending over 90% of life in bed, upstairs away from her family. Mandy felt very much isolated from everyday family life.

After the house renovation and transformation, today she spends less than 5% of her time in bed and the rest is spent downstairs in the lounge, kitchen or the garden with the rest of her family. There have been significant changes to all of the families lives especially to Mandy and Davy’s children, Ben and Kara, who have said the experience has been ‘absolutely life-changing for us all’. They are glad to have their mum back.

This was the first time that DIY SOS came to Northern Ireland as it was the show’s 20th Anniversary.

We would like to wish the McCreight family many happy memories together in their newly transformed home.