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Colour Inspiration 2021

Colour Inspiration 2021

by Clare Jenkinson, Ulster Carpets Designer

The two big stories and themes in design and colour at the moment are Home and Nature and the link between the two will continue to be important for all of us over the coming year.

We’ve all experienced the realisation of how important our home is to us while we’ve spent so much time indoors. Ideally, home is a calm sanctuary, a cosy retreat, a welcoming, warm space where we create and express our identity.

Nature has been a restorative, nurturing force for many people and without other distractions, we have remembered how precious it is. Even bringing plants into our homes has been a huge trend, filling spaces with energising greens and beautiful natural forms.

We can see the colours we are using in homes move from cool, stylish, restrained greys and gradually shifting towards warmer tones. There are also neutrals that are based on natural materials like fleece, linen and rattan, pink-based neutrals, earth tones from natural terracotta and ochre, and greens and blues from the natural world, sage, moss, water and sky. 

Colour is a way we can improve our wellbeing by bringing warmth and personality to our surroundings, so we will be braver in our use of colour too.

This goes hand in hand with our increased awareness of how important sustainability is in our everyday life and when we are furnishing our homes.

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