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Why Wool?

Wool – the reliable, durable and beautiful choice for flooring

For centuries, wool has been proven as a reliable, durable, beautiful material that has an abundance of natural characteristics. Here are a few reasons why we still use wool to make our carpets.

Keep your look – Wool naturally retains colour for longer while its extraordinary elasticity allows it to bounce back into its original shape and preserve the original look for longer.

Easy to clean – When it comes to practicality, cleaning is high on the agenda when choosing a carpet. Wool has a natural coating that helps stop dirt and stains from penetrating the carpet, so simple, regular maintenance is all that is needed to keep your Ulster carpet looking good for many years.

Comfort and appearance – Not only does an Ulster carpet look good, it also feels good too. This is thanks to wool’s natural softness that offers greater comfort and luxury underfoot.

The healthy option – As a natural fibre, wool is hygienic and non-allergenic. As research has proven, wool reduces airborne dust by trapping it in its top layer, which can then be easily hoovered up. In addition, wool doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria and is unsuited to dust mites – more reasons why it is perfect for people with asthma or allergies.

The safer choice – Unlike man-made fibres, wool is naturally flame retardant. It doesn’t melt, stick to the skin or produce toxic fumes when heat is applied, making it a safer option.

Natural insulation properties – Wool is naturally designed to keep sheep warm and it will also help to keep your home warm and cosy. Wool also has superior sound insulating properties too.

Rapidly renewable resource – Wool is a sustainable option, is entirely natural and has a significantly lower environmental impact than any synthetic fibres. As a natural by-product it is a rapidly renewable resource, meaning we can maintain a sustainable supply.

At Ulster, we make the most of these natural characteristics by selecting the right wool from across the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Wools from different climates have different qualities and colouring and we have used our extensive experience to source the best quality wool to provide the perfect starting point for our carpets.

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