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Wilton Carpets Explained

Being bold does not always mean having to pick a patterned carpet.

Offering a variety of colours and finishes, Wilton carpets from Ulster are the perfect starting point to build your interior design style around.

The smooth consistent colour of a luxurious Wilton carpet allows you to be bold with your fabrics and wall coverings.

Ulster York Wilton | Goose


Named after the town of Wilton in England that made it famous, Wilton is one of the oldest weaving styles of manufacturing carpet.

Wilton carpets are made with only one backing that is woven around the pile yarn and can come in a range of different finishes.


  • STABILITY – Wilton carpets offer greater long term stability and better performance over time.
  • FINISH – A selection of different finishes are available, giving you several textures and styles to choose from while still maintaining the luxurious quality that a Wilton carpet is famous for.
  • CHOICE – As well as these different finishes, Wilton carpets can be made in a diverse range of different colours.
  • MAINTENANCE – The durability of the Wilton weaving process is combined with the natural benefits of wool to make a Wilton carpet easy to maintain with simple, regular maintenance.

Ulster Grange Wilton | Cavern


  • STAY ON-TREND – We have our own dedicated team of designers who regularly update our Wilton range to add the latest on-trend colours. You can currently choose from over 120 different colours!
  • COLOUR CO-ORDINATION – We have developed our Wilton carpets to perfectly co-ordinate with our Axminster range, allowing you to seamlessly flow your design style from one room to the next.
  • PERFECT FINISHES – We have four distinctive Wilton ranges available. Each one is double sheared and offers a different finish and texture to enhance your home.
  • HIGH QUALITY – From selecting and processing the finest wool through to the weaving of our Wilton carpets, Ulster controls every step. Many other carpet manufacturers don’t have this same level of quality control.
  • PROVEN EXPERIENCE – We are still owned and run by our founder’s family and our head office has remained on the same site since 1938. That proven experience is reflected in the quality of our carpets.

Ulster Velvet | Larch

If you like the look of a Wilton, Ulster Carpets offers four different ranges, all of which are suitable for extra heavy wear applications:

  • Grange Wilton – A Grange Wilton uses high twist plain and heathered yarns woven tightly together to create a luxurious finish.
  • York Wilton – While similar, the tufts in a York Wilton aren’t as densely compacted as a Grange Wilton. The gently textured twists in the yarn create a more obvious finish.
  • Natural Choice Plains – Made from 100% wool, this Wilton range has been specifically designed to complement the Natural Choice Axminster collection.
  • Ulster Velvet – As the name suggests this range delivers a look and feel of velvet. The epitome of luxury, Ulster Velvet is one of the finest Wilton carpets on the market.

To help you make the final decision, you can use our website to order up to five free samples that will be delivered direct to your door. If you’re ready to order, use the Find a Stockist section to find some of the nearest retailers to you