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In Complete Control | Ulster is #MadeLocal

Whether it is petrol, food, or HGV drivers, there has been a lot of focus on supply chains in the UK recently.

Much of this is due to the fact that so many companies in the UK rely on imported goods and/or export their manufacturing processes.

But the beauty of being a UK-based manufacturer means that we can meet our customer needs a lot easier.

Unlike other carpet companies, we control every aspect of our manufacturing process, providing wide-ranging benefits for customers as well as benefitting the UK economy.

Jeremy Wilson, Retail Sales Director, explained, “From buying quality wool from British and Irish farmers to creating jobs and supporting local communities, we remain committed to manufacturing in the UK.”

Sheep grazing on the side of a mountain in UK

Our headquarters in Portadown are based on the same site the company was founded on over 80 years ago and this is where dyeing and weaving continues to take place to this very day.

This is supported by our partner companies within the Ulster Group. Wool processing, spinning and dyeing is carried out at Ulster Yarns across two sites in North Yorkshire while further weaving takes place at Ulster North East in Sunderland. As well as this, our Axfelt Triple Layer Underlay is manufactured in Devon, where the Ulster Recycling Hub is based.

Ulster Yarns UK

This level of control ensures we manufacture in an ethical manner that reduces the impact on our planet. We demonstrated this by our recent switch to a new Green Energy Contract to supply our manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Portadown with power generated by local, renewable sources.

At Ulster, we strive to continue this commitment to the environment and our vertically integrated, UK-based manufacturing process allows us to do this.

To discover more about our commitment to the local economy and the environment go to our About Us page.