11th September 2023

30 years of York 

We have added an extra 11 colours to York Wilton – one of our most well-loved ranges.

This year marks York’s 30th anniversary and to mark this milestone we have extended the choice of colours to 60!

One of the main reasons why York Wilton has remained so popular for three decades is the range’s versatility. Not only does it provide such comprehensive colour palette but York Wilton is also suitable for a variety of different high traffic areas.

Ulster Carpets York Wilton Fossil
York Wilton Fossil


Whether you are trying to give a new lease of life to public areas or corridors, adding a dash of colour to a meeting room or opting for a touch of luxury in your bedrooms and suites, York Wilton will work perfectly. York Wilton also works superbly on Marine projects.

The 11 new colours enhance the opportunity to coordinate any colour with our wide range of patterned woven Axminster carpets.

York Wilton 11 new colours


With an array of plain and heather yarns, the gently textured twists In York Wilton convey a luxurious finish that disguises some hard-wearing properties.

Designed for optimal performance, York Wilton is made from 80% wool and 20% Nylon.

Take a closer look at the enduring popularity of the York Wilton range:  https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/stock/york-wilton/

Ulster Carpets York Wilton Redcurrant
York Wilton Redcurrant