12th November 2020

Ali’s Art of Ulster

At Ulster, we have some of the best carpet designers in the world and, as the highly talented Ali Gamal proves, his artistry isn’t just reserved for creating stunning flooring… take a look below!

Ali, one of our team based in the Middle East, studied Fine Art and, as these examples of his work demonstrate, his talents help to elevate our carpet designs to a unique level.

Ali explores wide-ranging themes through his art and this collection has been inspired by events that affect human life. This emotive work is awash with vivid detail and colour and exhibits Ali’s wonderful talents.

This same creative flair helps Ali work with our clients to translate their vision into reality. Flooring offers him a large canvas to work with and Ali can use this space to create designs of delicacy and subtlety as well as those which are majestic and impactful.
Design is at the very heart of Ulster’s work and our customers enjoy the fact that they have the opportunity to work with such talented artists.
Ulster Carpets have worked on hotels, casinos and cruise ships across the world and Ali is one of a team of talented designers who are able to transform carpet into works of art.
To explore more of our bespoke carpet designs and the Art of Ulster, look at our online project gallery – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/projects/