15th December 2021

Less Is More At Maison Albar Hotels L’Imperator

Ulster prides itself on providing the finest bespoke hotel carpet in the world.

A fabled hotel with a mythical reputation, L’Imperator was once a favoured haunt of Ernest Hemingway, Picasso and Ava Gardner.

Now reborn thanks to the Maison Albar Hotels brand, the five-star facelift by Naço Architecture, features luxury bespoke hotel carpet in the corridors and stairs from Ulster.

As a perfect example of matching the design brief, the subtlety of the carpet design melds perfectly within an exceptional hotel that was once emblematic of Nimes.

Taking visitors back through the hotel’s glorious history, L’Imperator has been entirely transformed by Marcelo Joulia, a French-Argentinian architect and founder of Naço Architecture.

bespoke hotel carpet in lobby stairs in L'Imperator
Image by Stefan Kraus

Our rich blue carpet, which starts in the impressive lobby and flows seamlessly through the corridors, features a gold border that mirrors the design in the beautiful wrought iron lift.

Both the lift and the archway that you go through to access it are just some of the many reminders of the past found that connect to the hotel’s artistic past. For the velvet sofas in the cloister artist Thierry Carretero largely drew inspiration from the ginkgo biloba tree, a symbol of the hotel.

Many other artists contributed to the décor of the common areas including pop art by Warhol and Vasarely, a paint-on-textile mural by Claude Viala, and original lithographs and engravings by Michelle Champetier.

Within this elegant décor, the luxurious colour and finish of the Ulster carpet perfectly counterbalances all these elements to match the overall design vision.

Thanks to our patented weaving technology and world-class designers, the only limit to our carpet designs is your imagination. However, as Maison Albar Hotels – L’Imperator proves, sometimes less is more.

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