5th February 2020

Get creative with Ulster

With the freedom to choose a superior number of colours over and above the industry standard, and no need for a repeating pattern, there are endless possibilities with a bespoke Ulster carpet.

The talents of our designers and the unique abilities of PSYLO™ have combined to make Ulster Carpets the market leader when it comes to supplying bespoke woven Axminster to the contract market.


Our designers work closely with clients all over the world to deliver breath-taking bespoke carpets which often become the showpiece of an interior scheme, like this one in the Intercontinental Grand, Paris .

Credits: Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel | Design Practice : Pierre-Yves Rochon | Photographer: Thierry Favatier


Ulster’s designs can be found adorning beautiful spaces on every continent. With sales, design and planning teams located in the UK, North America, Europe and the Middle East, Ulster offers complete support in design, planning and execution of carpet projects.

Q&A with Amanda Ramsey | Grand Central Hotel, Belfast


Design Portal…

Some of our clients choose to take inspiration from over 8,000 designs in Design Portal. Available via desktop or mobile devices Design Portal offers access to our extensive design archive along with the opportunity to customise designs to meet your particular project needs.

The quality of design, service and manufacture are the reasons why bespoke Ulster carpets can be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious locations, as showcased in our project gallery.

For more information on PSYLO™ take a look at our brochure.

For more information on Design Portal, please contact sue.farnell@ulstercarpets.com with your name, company name and address.