17th September 2020

Maison & Objet


Due to the ongoing global pandemic Maison & Objet took their extremely popular design exhibition to the digital realms during Paris Design Week 2020.

We have pulled together three of the most popular design trends and the four most influential colours and combined them with options from our own online archive, Design Portal, as well as current stock collections.

As you can see, thanks to our design expertise, we are able to connect with any trend. You can also connect to any of these trends by using Design Portal to inspire your own design choices.


Design Trends from Maison & Objet | Paris Design Week

Living with earth

“Interiors are all about surrounding ourselves with the things we love. Today, everyone’s striving to tune into the beauty of the earth. Wind, light, water, wood, stone and fire. Sometimes through technology, sometimes through the fusion of craft and design, reflecting a shift in attitudes towards the earth and how we all live.”



Wonder is a manifestation of the clash between the ever-changing awareness of our past, present, and future. In an attempt of hacked escapism, we find comfort in creating an incomprehensible world, one that ironically comes to mimic the things that we once found solace in. Thanks to innovations of AI and VR designers are playing with warped yet conforming shapes, design looks both familiar and completely novel — it’s a sensationalized concoction of rendered dimensions.


Retro Revival

A return to the “Golden Age of Design” when craftsmanship was at its peak – brands are looking towards fundamental shapes, materials and details of the 1950s-60s to revamp into the modern stylings of today. Consumers are feeling the weight of over consumption, thus craving items that hold substance and feel good. They are slowing down, off the wave of technology overkill, and seeking to find inspiration in the heirlooms. We are also seeing that due to having so much access online, consumers have a desire to share their own personality in the home, thus bringing in their own heritage and roots – items that play to their childhood memories for a mix and match approach to styling motifs.

Colour Trends from Maison & Objet | Paris Design Week

A green infusion

Long ignored throughout history, green is now rising from the ashes to become an ultra-trendy color for the world of decor. In terms of furniture and objects, solid or plain green is the thing, in minimal shapes. For interiors, go green on walls and floors, in rather soft, natural, and muted tones.


Pantone Classic Blue

Elegant, unchanging, and timeless, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is the color of the year to embrace today. Inspiring serenity, confidence, and commonality, this shade of dark blue reminds us of the twilight sky and fosters concentration, a color to take refuge in.


Earth Tones

Organic shapes and natural materials, all in a kaleidoscope of clay-based colours…it’s a major trend these days. Whether its hand-whipped concrete walls, inspired ceramics, delicate wood, or tanned leather, let’s discover a visible (and visual) sampling of this style.

Brown is the new black

Long shunned, brown is making a comeback in design and decor. Its range of shades, deep and easy to match with, can be readily substituted for black, while adding a touch of difference, warmth, and velvety softness.


Now that you’re suitably inspired, now is the time to move onto Design Portal. Packed full of over 9,000 designs, our online archive is easy to use and is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

You can get a sense of what is currently on-trend by taking a look at some of the most recent designs from our creative teams based across the world.

Design Portal is also fully searchable using key words or by design numbers while you can also create your own favourites to keep for future reference.

Once you’ve found the design you want, you can even recolour it to suit the project you’re working on. If we have created a custom design for you, then these can also be uploaded into your individual collection. You can then use our standard or neutral tuft boxes to choose from over 650 colours and recolour to your heart’s content!

In terms of designs and colours, Design Portal offers an abundance of choice and a plethora of inspiration, however where a project does not require a bespoke product, our variety of stock ranges offer an attractive alternative, with the added advantages of readily available samples, matching batches, quick turnaround times and no minimum order quantities.

If you wish to discuss your project or view Ulster’s collections our Paris Office is open and our experienced team are available to help develop ideas or answer questions.

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