27th January 2022

Make Night Moves to the Dark Side

This year will see a move towards the dark side and the Night Moves trend of night vibes and night sky aesthetics.

According to Pinterest Predicts, 2022’s Night Moves trend means the most memorable adventures will happen after sundown in 2022. People will turn to the quiet of the after-hours to invest in their travel bucket lists and nature excursions.

Dark and moody works in contrast to brave and bold and our latest collection on Design Portal illustrates a variety of different designs and colours that match this latest trend.

Ulster have used this trend to inspire our latest design portal collection, entitled ‘Night Moves’ in which we showcase a number of bespoke carpet designs that take inspiration from elements of this trend such as Bioluminescence Aesthetic and City Nightlife.

night moves pinterest trend night moves pinterest trend night moves pinterest trend

We have broken down this collection into 5 colour themes, all sharing a unique night aesthetic. Discover dark sombre tones which allude to moonlit, starry nights as well as the deep blues and golds which take inspiration from sundown and sunrise.

Our virtual tuft box has both standard and neutral options that also allow Design Portal users to recolour any of these designs using over 650 colours, ensuring that designers can form the perfect template for a bespoke Ulster carpet.

This wonderful new collection, along with the capabilities of our design portal platform will allow designers to find the perfect carpet design for any marine or hospitality venue.

Visit Design Portal and connect with the darker undertones of design. Log in at https://designportal.ulstercarpets.com If you haven’t registered for Design Portal, e-mail sue.farnell@ulstercarpets.com for more information.

You can also see how designs like those on our design portal come to life, by going to our Projects page, where you’ll find a collection of bespoke Ulster carpets at the finest marine and hospitality venues around the world.

If you follow us on Pinterest, you can also Save or Pin all of the designs from our Night Moves collection here.