30th January 2024

2024 Hospitality Design Trends

We asked our Studio Designer, Shannen Scullion, to take a look at the main trends we can expect to see in hospitality design this year:

Bold colours that dominate will be a popular feature this year, complemented by large scale patterns. This will bring a sense of vibrancy to interiors where textiles will take centre stage.

Handtufted carpet is renowned for quality, varied use of yarn and three-dimensional characteristics. With careful use of colour, our designers can emulate these attractive and desirable characteristics to create a ‘carved’ and lustrous appearance. This elevates Axminster to look more expensive and desirable whilst retaining its practical level cut pile surface.

Designers are opting for a fresh slant on the continuing popularity of rugs by choosing irregular, free-form shapes to create statement artwork pieces, turning the floor of any lobby or guestroom into a canvas.

Every year brings a new interpretation of biophilic trends and for 2024 earthy hues are proving a popular choice. The Slieve Donard Hotel has cleverly utilised colour to connect its breathtaking outdoor surroundings to its interiors by incorporating the hues of the golden sand dunes within the design.

Carefully balanced elements such as Neutral tones are a simple yet highly effective way to coordinate your interior style and allow fabrics and furniture to take centre stage.

Sustainable design has moved away from single use plastics and low energy lighting, and more towards full integration into the fabric of the building. At Ulster, every carpet is made from at least 80% wool while we continue to develop new ranges and products made from this wonderful natural material as well as making ongoing improvements to our manufacturing processes.

Shannen concluded: “We work alongside interior designers years in advance of their new or refurbished hotel, casino or cruise ship being unveiled so we can see the incoming trends well ahead of time.

“Our ability to create bespoke designs in a range of colours and styles means we catch meet any trends.”