4th December 2023

Infused by Nature, Designed for Hospitality

Created to meet the exacting needs of hospitality projects, Natura encompasses 7 designs in 24 different colourways.

Suitable for a range of areas, including public areas, corridors, restaurants and guest rooms, Natura can meet the rigorous demands of any hospitality project.

As well as meeting these practical requirements, Natura takes into consideration the essential design aesthetics needed to set your project apart.

Natura Esker Sif

Grounded on a theme that accentuates how we are connected to intricacies of the natural world around us, Natura is a carefully curated collection that finds the perfect balance between impactful aesthetics and subtle beauty. The collection includes:

ALDER – Four contemporary colourways tempered by a distressed aesthetic that creates an enchantingly subtle narrative. Alder is influenced by the soft, meandering patterns found on the bark of a Birch tree.

ACRUS – Evoking the expectant nature of weather, Arcus imitates the turbulent nature of clouds that form on the edge of a thunderstorm. The three colourways deliver a real sense of drama.

Natura Arcus Lumen

ESKER – Available in four colourways Esker takes its name from the long ridges deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier. These flowing striations form an intimate pattern of serenity.

MOSO – A type of bamboo native to Asia, the intricate patterns found on Moso create an impactful design. Available in three colourways, the layered, patina effect of the design accentuates the organic aesthetics of nature.

Natura Moso Tansu

NAHLA – Reminiscent of the ripples left by rain droplets, Nahla means ‘first drink of water’. The Arabic and African origin of the word resonates within the three colourways to create a mesmerising creative statement.

VITA – Reflecting the complexity of molecular structures, Vita is Latin ‘for the course of one’s life’. With three colourways, the layered linear elements create three-dimensional depth for an emboldened design.

ZEN – The four modern colourways in Zen all elevate the transition of textures to create a sense of energy. The striking designs encompass the new heights that can be reached when you are in a state of calm attentiveness.

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