3rd November 2023

Say it with flowers at BD|NY

When Gary McLaughlin and his team were set the task of creating a rug design for our booth at BD|NY 2023 they didn’t disappoint!

Our extremely talented design team have vast experience in textile design but on this occasion they were provided with a very simple design brief – create a design that showcases the artistic excellence of Ulster Carpets.

The final result is a stunning rug showcasing a series of colourful flowers. The visual flow and rhythm of flowers like dahlias deliver a strong visual statement and a focal point for our booth.


It also showcases our design process. Starting with photographs as a reference point, the designers used digital techniques to create crisp, high-contrast shapes and lines that could be translated into the woven rug.

The result of all this meticulous effort is a design that radiates vibrant colour and is also carefully balanced. Our designer’s eye for detail adds the necessary depth and texture to make the flowers appear 3D-like.

Creating such a mesmerising creative statement is only possible because of the artistic talents of our designers and the weaving capabilities of our patented PSYLO™ technology.


This perfect combination is what makes The Art of Ulster so unique. Flooring provides a large canvas on which our designers can create stunning, statement designs that resonate with guests. But if these designs can’t be translated properly onto carpet then those artistic talents are not being used to their full potential.

That is why we created PSYLO™ – a weaving technology that is unique to Ulster Carpets. PSYLO™ enables carpet to be manufactured to a greater degree of design intricacy, an enhanced spectrum of colour and at an unrivalled level of efficiency – meaning the only limit to a design is your imagination!

You can experience the Art of Ulster for yourself and step onto our amazing design at Booth #2611 at BD|NY 2023, from 12-13 November, 2023.

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