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Biophilic Design

Connect with Nature through Biophilic Design.

Biophilic design continues to be a hot trend that more and more designers are tapping into by using Ulster’s Design Portal.

With an increased focus on the environment, biophilic design seeks to combine the modern built environment with our fundamental need to connect with nature.

Examples of biophilic carpets designs from Ulster Carpets Design Portal

This concept was the inspiration behind Natura, Ulster’s latest Contract Stock range, and is being increasingly used for carpet designs in hotels, casinos and cruise ships.

Design Portal features over 10,000 designs. To find the latest Biophilic designs, simply use the keyword search by typing in Biophilic or Biophilia, or you can click on Collections to view our curated Biophilic Collection.

Ulster Carpets Natura Nahla range. Biophilic carpet designs.


All the designs can be recoloured to suit the project you are working on. Our virtual tuft box has both standard and neutral options, meaning you can recolour a design from a choice of over 650 colours.

When the world’s leading interior designers say #inspireme Design Portal is the perfect place to start.

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