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The perfect sustainable material

If you set someone the task of creating the perfect sustainable material, they would find it hard to come up with something better than wool.



Wool fibres are remarkably elastic and flexible and can be stretched up to 30% of their length before, like a spring, reverting to their original form. Wool’s scaly, overlapping outer fibres help to contain dirt high in the carpet pile and the thin cuticles repel water.

Wool improves its surrounding environment thanks to a natural filtering effect that reduces dust and locks Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into its core.

When woven into a carpet, all these natural benefits add durability, resilience and practicality that are perfect for the hospitality industry – and that’s before you consider the soft, luxurious feel and the improvements to insulation and acoustic performance of wool!

That is why you will find at least 80% of wool in every one of our carpets.

Learn more about why wool has been the primary material in our carpets for the last 85 years – https://ulstercarpets.com/contract/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Wool-Fact-Sheet-23.pdf