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The Perfect Combination

Wool is a rapidly renewable material that is naturally durable, dimensionally stable and stain repellent. Not only that but it looks and feels good!

Axminster weaving offers in-built durability, enhanced performance, greater colour consistency and increased design possibilities.

This combination has been proven for hundreds of years and provides a clear alternative to man-made substitutes.

Our patented PSYLO™ weaving technology enhances this even further. Based around delivering high levels of efficient manufacturing, PSYLO™ revolutionised the industry when it was introduced 20 years ago. Now the in-house development team at Ulster Carpets has introduced a new generation of PSYLO™ looms that are three times faster than their predecessors.

The result is the highly efficient manufacturing of luxury carpet made from a natural material!

Read our Why Wool, Why Axminster document

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