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Our Dye House

Dye House and Energy Centre

Ulster Carpets’ new Dye House and Energy Centre, situated at the company’s headquarters in Northern Ireland, not only facilitates a number of manufacturing efficiencies, it brings with it many environmental benefits in line with the company’s sustainability policy.

A dedicated building, state-of-the art technology and a complete move to package dyeing from hank, has increased capacity by over 20%,  improving the efficiency of the whole process ensuring both gains for the client and the environment.

Key sustainable benefits of the Dye House and Energy Centre:

  • Packaging dyeing uses considerably less water (40%), heat (25%) and chemicals (5-10%) per kilogram of yarn processed. The system’s capabilities enable a greater amount of dye lots to be produced in one day, meaning that the new Dye House is more energy efficient than the previous one.
  • A new heat exchange system reuses water from the previous cycle to heat the next batch of water. Clean water arrives ready for use at an optimum temperature reducing energy requirements and dye cycle time.
  • A reduction of 40% in water requirements will minimise usage from the town supply, thus reducing the environmental impact of the Dye House on the local area.
  • The new system for drying the yarn allows us to dry the yarn at the optimum temperature and then to cool the yarn back, which does not have any effect on the colour of the yarn. We are able to complete the process in under 80 minutes, which has a huge impact on saving energy.
  • Energy efficient lighting, new boilers, reduced pipe runs and more effective heat exchangers are further measures which have been put in place to decrease the company’s carbon footprint.

Key productivity benefits of the Dye House and Energy Centre:

  • The ‘Right First Time’ of a package dye increases accuracy in new dye and chemical dispensing initiatives. This decreases lead times as well as reducing waste and improving performance.
  • The new Dye House and Energy Centre is approximately 20% more efficient than the old dye house. This is mainly due to the robotic system which allows us to change over the machine from one dyeing to the next, and get them going as quickly as possible. Our new dispensing system allows more accuracy on fully automated weighing of dyes and chemicals.
  • New technology has meant that cycle times are reduced by eliminating the requirement to neutralise each dye lot as it is processed, therefore more dye lots per day are produced.
  • Winding productivity is higher from package dyeing, as it decreases the chances of breakages in the yarn.
  • The new Dye House is a lot more beneficial to us as a working team because we are only working with one process rather than two different processes. We now have a much more streamlined operation which is a lot cleaner and healthier than the old dye house.
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