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Our Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy underlines our long-term objective of becoming a Net Zero manufacturer.

Underpinning our proven history of creating innovative and responsible manufacturing solutions, our strategy defines our ongoing sustainability journey by highlighting what we have already achieved and, more importantly, what our future plans are.

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Our Impact

Sustainability Achievements

For 85 years, sustainability and efficiency have been an important part of our history. Inspired by the forward-thinking ethos of our company founder, George Walter Wilson, our Sustainability Strategy recognises the need for investment in both people and processes.

We have already achieved a number of significant developments to reduce our waste and cut our energy and water usage. We also continue to invest in our people and local community.

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Our Standards

Setting The Standards

As the first company in Northern Ireland and the first textile manufacturer in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, we have led the industry when it comes to setting the standards.

Our accreditations include the internationally recognised environmental management and quality standards of ISO14001 and ISO9001, which we have held for over two decades, and IMO (International Maritime Organization) and Green Label Plus accreditations.

Our sustainability standards have also been independently verified. In 2022 we were awarded Gold in the Business in the Community NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey and we have also achieved Leader Status in the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Programme.

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The Perfect Combination

Every Ulster carpet is made from at least 80% wool – a rapidly renewable and sustainable material.

The natural characteristics of this high-quality raw material make it perfect for hospitality settings; particularly when it is blended with 20% nylon to provide long-term performance. This is enhanced further when wool is used in the Axminster weaving process and, in particular, with our patented PSYLO™ weaving technology.

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