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Our Standards

Setting the Standards

Responsible manufacturing is crucial to the reputation and trust we have built up for 85 years. We operate an efficient manufacturing process that pairs IT solutions with industry expertise.

Ulster Carpets were one of the first textile companies to achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, which aims to control the environmental impact of our products and manufacturing processes. ISO 14001 gives us a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets and demonstrating that these have been reached.

As well as holding ISO 14001, Ulster Carpets manufacture under a quality system ISO 9001: 2015 approved by the British Standards Institution and are IMO Certified MED-B00006D7 and MED-D000021A for the Marine sector.

We are also independently verified to Leader Status by the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Programme  and to the Gold standard by the Business in the Community NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey

Other Standards we meet are:

Wool does not easily ignite due to the natural structure of the fibre. It does not melt, drip or release noxious fumes.

EN13501 Euro Class EN11925 and EN ISO 9239
Marine Flammability MED-B-9840, MED-D-2065 and MED-B-9841 (tufted)
USA Flammability ASTM E648 E662

Acoustic Performance
Axminster carpet, and in particular Axminster carpet made from predominantly wool, has a propensity to sound reduction. The result is a quieter space for working, meeting and living. Our quality Contract carpet has a sound absorption coefficient between 0.45 and 0.55 and meets the BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010 requirements:

Sound Absorption ISO 354:2003
Sound Insulation ISO 140 Part 6

VOC Emissions
Wool naturally absorbs humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), producing cleaner, more comfortable living environments. Ulster Carpets meet the following requirements:

Green Label Plus Approved GLP 3278
French VOC C Rating (Jute), A Rating (Poly)
Belgian VOC NR 411381-01

Appearance Retention
Wool rich carpets have been shown to maintain their appearance better over time. Ulster meets the BS6659 standard for appearance retention.

Appearance Retention BS6659

Colour Fastness
All Ulster Carpets are tested for colour fastness to light, shampooing, water and dry and wet rubbing. Ulster meet the following requirements:

Colour Fastness – Light ISO 105-B02
Colour Fastness – Shampooing BS1006
Colour Fastness – Water BS EN ISO 105 – E01
Colour Fastness – Rubbing BS EN ISO 150 – X12 (BS 1006)

Electrostatic Propensity
Our wool rich carpets have lower residual voltage compared to nylon, acrylic and polyester. This is largely a comfort factor but may also be important where electronic machinery is installed.

Electronic Propensity Less than 2.5kV

Thermal Insulation
When compared to carpet, as much as 10-12% of heat could be dissipated with a smooth floor covering. The wool in our carpets provide natural thermal insulation.

Abrasion Resistance
Wool’s soil resistance helps minimise wear caused by the abrasion of dirt particles against the carpet fibres. The overall abrasion resistance of wool is further enhanced by the addition of nylon in our wool-rich carpets.

Read more about the standards we set in our Sustainability Strategy document.

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