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February 2016 Time Lapse Video

2nd March 2016

With an ever keen eye on the weather maps, work on the new Dyehouse continued in February 2016. Although some time was lost due to high winds, the roof is now covered and most of the safety netting inside the building has been removed.

Work has started on the cladding to the sides and the main effluent sump and underground chambers have been constructed.

The concrete for the mezzanine floor has been poured and power floated and with the main ground floor slab scheduled to be laid before Easter, we’re hoping St Patrick sends some good weather so that the temperatures don’t go below zero too often!

We have continued to capture the progress with time-lapse photography and have prepared a video of the work in February 2016 and a project to date video which you can view below and via our links on the social media feeds for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

There are also still images showing on our Contract & Residential websites.

Please enjoy the 7th video in the series together with the 3rd Project to Date video.