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March 2016 Time Lapse Video

7th April 2016

Still with a keen eye on the weather maps, work on the new Dyehouse continued in March 2016.

The concrete for the ground floor slab was poured and power floated in two phases. The first pour was on Tuesday 15th March and the second larger pour on Thursday 24th March, when work started at 3:30am. The arrival of the concrete pump and 38 lorries following in succession, delivering a total of 360m3 of concrete, the power floating work continued well past the midnight hour. There is approximately a total of 560 m3 of concrete in the ground floor slab.

Currently high voltage cables are being installed in preparation for the new electrical infrastructure. Also in April we are looking forward to the delivery of a new energy efficient boiler and steam accumulator which will be installed in the new Boiler House adjacent to the Dyehouse.

We have continued to capture the progress with time-lapse photography and have prepared a video of the work in March 2016 and a project to date video which you can view on our Residential website, via our links on Facebook & Twitter and below.

You can still see our time lapse images on both the Contract and Residential websites.

Please enjoy the 8th video in the series together with the 4rd Project to Date video.