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Recent Projects: Queen Mary 2

15th December 2017

UK based cruise operative Cunard has relaunched it’s flagship, Queen Mary 2, after a £90 million refurbishment. The iconic vessel has long been a part of the great ocean liner history and has been lovingly remastered. Taking design inspiration from the original Queen Mary, it is now the last remaining transatlantic ocean liner in the world. The QM2 Remastered took it’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in June 2016 and our Design Archivist, Sue, was one of it’s 2,600 passengers. (You can read more about Sue’s experience of the ship on our blog.)

Ulster were delighted to design and manufacture bespoke carpets for this magnificent ship. This mammoth project involved 21,500 square metres of Ulster carpet including our striking starburst carpet in the Grand Lobby Entrance. Watch the short video below to see the skill and effort that went into the carpeting of the iconic QM2.

It can be hard to imagine the colossal amount of work and dedication it has taken to complete this project, the whole refurbishment took 1 million hours to design and 8 million hours to build!  At the time Alison Clixby (Director of Hotel Design and Projects) who was heavily involved in carpeting the ship spoke to the Telegraph “Carpet designs are overflowing my desk and there are 33 shipping containers of Ulster Carpets waiting to be given the once-over at dry dock.” She also recognises the advancement of technology in recent years which has made the whole project more efficient.  Times, says Clixby, have changed. “Advancements in technology mean we can do things with design that people would never have dreamed of 80 years ago. For example, for our carpets on QM2, we can load up to 20 colours on weaving looms to create complex, computer-generated colour blends. Before, these processes would involve months of laborious manual colour changes.”

Our stunning Queen Mary 2 carpets were designed and crafted in the UK and the beautiful patterns are a subtle nod to the regal heritage of the ship. All of the designs are truly exceptional with many boasting intricate and 3 dimensional elements. The geometric prints epitomise an era of luxury, sophistication and glamour; sentiments which are evident through the opulent and cohesive decor scheme on board. Although the ships interiors are inspired by the history of the ship, the carpets designed by Ulster bring an element of modernism while fitting in perfectly with the traditional aspects. The colours were carefully selected to complement the striking designs, with royal reds, golds and deep sea blues flowing under your feet. The most fabulous carpeting feature is without a doubt the retro style ‘starburst’ carpet in the atrium, which has received countless compliments!

Ulster Carpets Designs for Queen Mary 2
Ulster Carpets Designs for Queen Mary 2

As well as the liners beautiful new carpets, there were many other improvements including a newly fitted kennel deck, refurbished restaurants and 50 new cabins. This luxury liner give passengers a truly glamorous experience while maintaining it’s art deco era influences.  All in all the new Queen Mary 2 has been a huge success and we were proud to be part of the remaking of this iconic cruise liner.