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Megan becomes NEWH Atlanta President

Our Sales Executive, Megan May, has become the President of the NEWH Atlanta Chapter.

Megan, who covers the South East and Mid Atlantic regions of the USA, credits the NEWH (Network of Executive Women in Hospitality) for helping with her professional progression and wants to pay it forward.

Megan May, new President of the NEWH Atlanta Chapter

NEWH is the international community connecting the hospitality industry, providing scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence, and business development opportunities.

After regretting not applying for a student scholarship because she didn’t think she had the time, Megan has since realised the many benefits of being part of the NEWH.

“I have got much more out of this organization than I ever thought I would, including some wonderful mentors and getting to be one myself.

“I joined the NEWH Atlanta Board in 2014, my college graduate year, and have been there ever since. I truly credit this organization for the advancement of my professional career. As a young designer I was exposed to professionals that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. Introductions were made to people in high places, and some of those people became colleagues, mentors, and friends. I still credit the NEWH for helping me to get the job at Ulster Carpets.”

Looking ahead, Megan wants to continue the great work of the NEWH and help build a new generation of professionals for the hospitality industry.

“I get to be a role model to students, and be part of their success story as so many people have been part of mine. There are lots of roles and duties to being President of this organization, but I believe the most important is to continue to carry out the legacy of all of those wonderful successful women before me who founded this organization in 1984, so that I could have the opportunities that I have as a woman today!”

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