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Thornbury Castle, Bristol

Design Firm


Courtesy of Thornbury Castle

The Story

Discover Ulster’s bespoke classic carpet designs at the historic Thornbury Castle.

Once the favoured escape of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Thornbury Castle is a luxurious retreat fit for royalty.

Fittingly, the Tudor castle’s guestrooms, suites and corridors are now adorned with bespoke classic carpets designed and manufactured by Ulster Carpets. Our carpets also feature in The Barron’s Sitting Room, which is one of the castle’s meeting rooms and event spaces.

Located in the village of Thornbury, not far from Bristol, this beautiful location is steeped in English history, with links right back to William the Conqueror.

The castle was originally conceived and constructed by Edward Stafford, the only man to rival the king’s wealth and status at that time. But when Stafford was executed for treason, King Henry VIII took the castle for himself and spent his honeymoon with Anne Boleyn there.

We worked closely with the team from Milan-based, international architectural firm, MMA Projects, on Thornbury Castle to give this one-of-a-kind destination, one-of-a-kind carpet.

Their focus was on giving each room its own look, so we created a distinctive classic carpet design for each guestroom and suite. The common thread between each one is that our carpets match the grandeur of the Tudor period and the distinctive décor that ranges from ornate ceilings and detailed wall hangings to window seats and four-poster beds.

This is particularly noticeable in the King Henry VIII Suite – a room that the king himself stayed in, in 1535. The beautifully ornate ceiling is an eye-catching feature that is perfectly complemented by a detailed carpet design in the Tudor style.

Thornbury Castle is a perfect example of The Art of Ulster. Our designers have been able to add layers of depth and detail to each carpet that add to the unique character of this unique hotel.

This level of intricate detail is only possible because of the combination of our world-class designers and our patented weaving technology – two key factors that set Ulster apart from our rivals.

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